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Overzealous Security Guard Kept Harassing Pizza Delivery Drivers, So Their Manager Decided They Wouldn’t Deliver There Anymore

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/NARA

As a former late-night delivery driver, all I can say is that I sympathize with the current drivers who have to deal with bad tippers and security guards who are a little bit too big for their britches.

And if you’ve been there, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Take a look at this Reddit story and learn about how the workers at a pizza place maliciously complied with a bad situation.

Banned from Section 8.

“This happened when I was a manager at a pizza delivery store in my town, you know which one…the good one.

Let me tell you just a little bit about my town. It is tiny. It used to be called a city but in the past few years they changed it to town. I have no idea why but if that doesn’t scream small rural area I don’t know what does.

That being said, the store wasn’t all that busy compared to other stores. This left us really slow at night and all the staff we would need was a closing manager and a closing driver from 8 pm on.

To be honest closing sucks. Anyone that’s worked in food and closed knows that nothing is worse than those late night customers and the hassle of getting home at 3 a.m. I sure do!

But that’s one thing about this small town store I loved, we would get slow around 8 and I could slowly close and clean the store with only leaving the essentials until we actually closed at midnight.

This was awesome because it allowed the driver and myself to leave as early as 5 minutes past on a fairly regular basis.

They knew where they were going to make money…

Anyone that has worked in delivering food knows where to expect tips and where not to expect tips. Your local Section 8 housing is typically a dry spot. If you walk out with 2 quarters, a dime and a couple pennies consider yourself lucky. But there is something very special about our local Section 8. The complex police!

They have this guy suited up and looks like a legit cop. Except he doesn’t have a gun and he has no authority. But they do give him a jeep that has blue lights and say apartment police on it.

He’s on a power trip.

This guy, for whatever reason, has it out for delivery drivers from all the pizza places in town. I know because we sometimes hired ex-workers from the other stores and they know him on a first name basis.

If the guy didn’t look like he would kidnap a child right after he finished clipping his toes for his toenail collection I would potentially hire him because he takes his job so seriously. The Section 8 driveway has a few speed bumps as well as posted 5 mph signs that are handwritten. (I think by our cop)

My main full-time driver gives me a call in the middle of the shift one day and says that the guy has pulled him over for speeding in the complex.

My driver says the police wants to talk to the manager so I get on the phone with him and he tells me that I need to come to the complex and talk with him as well as write up my employee.

Come on, dude…

I told him I can’t leave the store and you can’t detain my driver. He knows I’m right. He told me that if he catches him again he will call the cops. Okay, rolls eyes

So the day goes on and the driver and I laugh it off. The next day we are working together again as usual because most of my workers are students that drive part time and can’t close.

Here we go again…

So around 8 o’clock we get an order for Section 8. Sure enough 10 minutes go by and I’m getting a call, my driver parked in the parking lot to make a delivery and when he came back out of the apartment he saw the cop sitting in his car and they made eye contact.

The cop immediately pulls up behind my drivers car and has him blocked in. He said he’s detaining him until the real police show up because he’s parked without a parking permit. At this point I think this is a joke because yesterday he may or may not been speeding.

The guy definitely does not have a radar gun but just how mad could this guy be? So I tell my driver to just wait for the cops and talk to them. Maybe a half hour goes by and my driver gets back to the store to report to me what happened.

The cops did not fine him for parking without a permit, the cops did not write him a speeding ticket, BUT the cops told the complex police that he could ban him from coming back to the property even if it’s for work.

There was a new directive.

So we now have a written notice not to take delivery orders to the worst tipping customers in town as well as to never be harassed by this guy again.

I know I’m lurking on how bad of a guy this complex policeman was but just know that the people in the section 8 housing would always call last minute to order food 5 minutes before closing and then call back and complain so they could get free credit and use it the next night.

All without leaving a tip. This was infuriating because we knew that they were abusing the system as well as wasting our drivers’ time.

On top of all that we have to take out all the ingredients and use clean dishes to prepare the order and re-wash and just do a bunch of extra work keeping us there for at least another half hour as well as waiting for the driver to get back from the delivery to add the money to the til to prepare the nightly deposit.

All in all, late night orders SUCK!

Sorry, no dice!

That being said, with our new permit of ****-off-ery, when my closing driver and I get a call late night from section 8 to ruin our night, its “Oh sorry your complex police has banned our driver from delivering to y- oh whats that you’ll just pick it up? Sorry pick up closes at 10 pm. Sorry for the inconvenience have a nice night”.”

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