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Rude Manager Fires Hostesses For Their Hair, But The Employees Revolted And Shut The Restaurant Down

by Heide Lazaro

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Some managers think they’re god, that everything they say and do is what’s right, and their employees’ voices don’t matter at all.

Little do they know that they are the downfall of their business.

In this story, the rude manager called out staff about their hair, firing them on the spot.

Find out what happened afterward, and how this action caused the closing of his restaurant.

Fired for hair – restaurant had to close down

When I was in high school, I got a part-time job as a hostess at an Italian restaurant with a friend of mine.

The restaurant was only open 5 days a week for dinner.

The restaurant was fairly new, but was already filling every table every night because the food was amazing.

In addition to my friend and I being the only two hostesses, the bus boys were friends, half of the waiters were friends, and the dishwasher was a friend.

Meet the floor manager that nobody liked.

The owner’s son was the floor manager, and with the success of the restaurant, he started to implement new changes.

Everyone must look presentable and in uniform at all times. No dirty uniforms. Even for the bus boy.

He was rather rude to all employees, and would hover and take over our jobs right in front of customer, apologizing for our inability to do our jobs correctly.

However, everyone there was fantastic at their jobs. The dishwasher even found creative ways to stay clean and tidy.

The manager called out the hostesses for their hair.

The straw broke one night when my friend and I were both working the hostess stand on a packed Saturday night.

The manager walked up to us, and declared our hair was not compliant with dress code.

Both of us had our hair pulled back in the requisite buns. However, we both had a few stray wisps. You know, those tiny little new hairs around your face.

Never mind that is was August and it was hot, and we were all working as a team like crazy to make sure the night ran smoothly, sharing duties such as bussing tables and running foot and drinks (underage).

He fired them on the spot.

He loudly fired both of us on the spot in front of the entire restaurant and front staff.

He then said we were required to continue to work for two weeks and train our replacements.

I asked, are we fired? He said yes.

And I said firing means we don’t work for you anymore.

The hostesses left, and the rest of the staff followed.

We walked out, punched our cards, and went to change out of our uniforms.

When we got out of the dressing room, there was a line of people waiting to change including the bus boys, half the wait staff, and the dishwasher.

All were so mad about what had happened that they quit on the spot. No one liked the job anyway.

Soon the restaurant closed down.

We all went to iHop to eat, and we’re soon joined by the rest of the wait staff and the line cooks.

So all that was left of the entire restaurant staff was the bartender, the owner/cook, and the manager.

I later heard that the owner just decided to shut down the restaurant because the only reason he started it was to provide his son a legacy from the family businesses in Italy, and he decided his son couldn’t handle it.

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Never underestimate the power of workers.

Or the lazy, entitled son.

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