July 5, 2024 at 12:22 am

Sick Husband Wants His Estranged Wife To Take Care Of His Affair Baby, But She Threatens To Call CPS If He Doesn’t Find Somebody Else To Help The Kid

by Heide Lazaro

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Finding out your husband had an affair is already bad, but seeing his affair baby and having to take care of it is a totally different story.

If you were in OP’s shoes, would you be willing to look after and take care of your husband’s baby from his affair? Or would you outright divorce him?

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AITAH for telling my husband’s affair baby’s family to either come get the kid or I’m calling CPS.

My (F53) soon to be ex-husband, Roger (47), whom I forgave for his affair, came home with a baby four months ago.

His girlfriend (22) could not handle it anymore and brought the baby to him at work and left.

To the best of his knowledge, she is in Spain.

I allowed him to stay so long as I didn’t have to do anything. Anything.

Her husband got sick.

Well, about a month ago, Roger had a heart attack.

It didn’t kill him, more’s the pity, but he is very weak and incapable of doing anything for himself.

Since he isn’t up and about, he cannot care for his child. He also cannot drop of and pick up his son at daycare.

OP didn’t want to care for the baby.

I have been helping, but I’m done.

My kids are full grown. I shouldn’t be having grandkids any time soon.

I do not have any desire to care for a baby.

She gave them an ultimatum.

I told Roger that I want a divorce, and I contacted the mother’s parents. I know the father through friends.

I said they had until Friday to come get their grandchild or I was calling Child Protective Services.

They just left with the baby. But they scolded me for being so cold towards a baby that had done me no harm.

I view that child differently.

With her savings, OP can live alone without any help.

Roger is recovering, and I will be moving out.

The house is in his name, but I have never contributed to it.

I have the equivalent of twenty-two years of rent and interest put away. And as per our prenup, my savings are my own.

I work, and I don’t need anything out of this marriage except myself.

Is she being unfair?

My kids tried telling me to stay and help their father.

I said that they were welcome to come over, and help him with cleaning himself and the baby. Both declined what I felt was a fair offer.

I do not feel that I am acting badly. However, Roger, our children, his child’s family, and a few mutual friends think I am.

Perhaps writing this out and seeing the responses will give me clarity.

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Yes, the baby is innocent, but so is she.

They chose to have an affair. Let them suffer the consequences of their actions.

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