July 5, 2024 at 7:41 pm

The HOA Insisted They Put A Net On Their Basketball Hoop, But They Didn’t Specify What Kind of Net

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

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Okay. I’ll replace the basketball net.

“A few years ago, I lived in a neighborhood with an obnoxious HOA (Home Owners Association).

If you don’t know these enforced neighborhood rules intended to keep the area “nice”.

Most rules are ok and keep someone from planting a 100ft flag pole with 20 flags attached and other outrageous stuff.

Some of the HOAs have overzealous enforcers that send threatening letters about any little thing.

Have your Christmas wreath on your door on January 3rd? Letter.

I’d had problems with this association 2-3 times.

The story begins when the basketball net on the goal in the driveway worn through. The kids ripped it the rest of the way off.

I’d intended to get a new one, but it had been 2 weeks and I hadn’t gotten round to it yet.

Here it comes…

Threatening letter. “You are violating HOA rules that clearly state your goal must have a net”.

I was impressed there was such a rule, so I looked it up. That is what it said. However, that is ALL it said.

It didn’t say a “regulation” net, “Standard” net. Nothing.

It just needed a net.

Let’s do it!

So. I bought 5 nets. I used zip ties to attached the top of one net to the bottom of another.

This created a long, chained together net that reached the ground (goal was lowered… kids).

So I hung it up and there it sat. I was in full compliance with the rules, so there was nothing they could do about it.

You don’t think this is funny?

One neighbor ask me about it and I explained what happened.

She didn’t seem to think it was funny, so I think she must have been the person making the occasional complaints about us.

Anyway, after a month or so, I cut all but one net off. Never had any HOA letters after that.”

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

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Malicious compliance done perfectly!

There are so many different kinds of nets.

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