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Annoying Neighbor Constantly Bugs Them About Their Property, So When She Starts Blowing Leaves On Their Driveway These Homeowners Fight Back

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance/Pexels

Some people just want things their way and they don’t realize that they’re living in a community.

This man had an annoying neighbor who wouldn’t trust them with her lawn so she ended up fencing it and doing things her way.

Turns out, she was correct legally, but her actions did make this man pretty mad.

Let’s find out the whole story.

AITA: My neighbor is obsessed with leaves on her lawn and we almost came to blows over it

We moved into our Midwest neighborhood about five years ago and were immediately greeted by our warm neighbor.

Let’s call her Anne.

Anne seemed nice enough, said she’s so happy to see young people move in, and that she’s lived there for over 30 years with a handful of other neighbors.

Anne instantly had something to say..

The very first night we slept at our house we woke up to a note on our door from Anne saying the lights at the end of our driveway were “way too bright.”

It was in permanent marker and underlined.

We didn’t install the lights but figured, ahh, what the heck, we’ll change the bulbs. Best not to leave a bad first impression.

We never heard from her again about the issue, but we would leave our house and notice she put up hefty bags over her windows facing the “lights.”

Ok …?

These guys did make the changes but still saw the passive aggressive treatment from Anne.

Fast forward to our first winter.

She installed a plastic chicken wire fence right on our property line. I asked her one day what it was for and she said, “Oh, the previous owner would plow his driveway and the snow would get on my lawn.”

Mind you, this is a pretty small neighborhood. The houses are fairly close together. She’s the only one with any fence on her lawn. Our bylaws clearly state she can’t have anything except a professional permanent fence.

They ignored the situation but it got worse.

Whatever, I let it go, and in the springtime, she took it down anyway.

Fast forward to the following winter and the same fence goes up. One day I asked her why the fence went back up because we hadn’t plowed any snow onto her property.

She, almost angrily, says, “Well you guys never clean up your leaves.”

I apologize and say we’ll do a better job.

This man has his reasons for not being so attentive towards the leaves.

Mind you, both my wife and I work full-time jobs and I’m disabled and constantly have trouble with my prosthetic leg.

We pay a service to clean the leaves so we call them back for further cleaning.

The fence stayed up, taken down again in the springtime.

Jump to October of last year and the fence goes up again.

My wife insisted I not say anything until one day we were sitting in our living room and saw her blow leaves directly onto our driveway.

Now that’s where things get heated up..

I ran out there and confronted her calmly at first and then could barely get a word in as she was UNLOADING on me.

I reminded her she’s the only person on the block who rakes their leaves more than twice a season.

Her fence is not only an eyesore, but all of the neighborhood’s leaves get stopped onto my driveway because of it.

He hated it but had to bear with it.

She didn’t care. Refuses to take it down.

I’ve called the city and they told her she can have it but has to take it down after winter.

Here we are; fall 2023. The fence is back up. I’m angrily watching her rake her leaves every single day watching all the neighborhood’s leaves stop on my driveway because of the fence.

Some days I’ll kick some leaves over to her side in anger.

The frustration is clearly there.

Am I the a******?

How would you guys handle a neighbor like this?

Gosh this woman seemed pretty problematic.

But let’s check out what the Reddit community had to say about the actions of either party.

This person thinks the neighbor is unimportant and that he should focus his energy on something fruitful.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person knows how to take revenge.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person knows that the neighbor isn’t a good person.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person suggests this guy to stop caring about the neighbor and her leaves.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person wants to just give her the silent treatment and be super sweet to annoy her.

Source: Reddit/AITA

She is just screaming for attention.

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