July 5, 2024 at 7:42 am

Wife Demanded Half Of Her Husband’s Company In Exchange For Giving Up Her Career, But Her Husband Said No And Now She’s Wondering If She Went Too Far

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/pexels/Vlada Karpovich

Who knew planning ahead could get you in unexpected trouble…

It is already hard enough to make a choice between work and family and now this girl has to deal with the consequences of asking her husband for some security.

But let’s find out what happened before we judge!

AITAH for telling my husband that he needs to give me half his company if he wants me to be a housewife?

My husband and I (both 35) have been married for 6 years and we have 2 children together and 1 on the way.

He said that he wanted me to be a housewife and stop working.

She didn’t like the idea.

I was very disturbed by that but he explained that it was better for our family and children since he can afford very good living.

After a few weeks thinking I told him that I would agree but only if I get 1/2 his company.

He wasn’t sure of that settlement.

He was surprised by this but I explained further that the more I stay at home the less chance I would have to find a well paying job should we ever divorce because I would have less merits, while he would stay making more money each year.

So I want half of the company.

It sounds reasonable with her explanation.

If we never divorce, which is the goal of all marriages then it wouldn’t matter but should it end, it would be the price of me staying home and raising our children so he could be less worried and stressed out (his words, that he would be less anxious and stressed out if he knew they were with me rather than with strangers in daycare or nannies).

Her friends clearly have an opinion about her.

When I told my friends they called me the ah. My best friend was very angry and called me disgusting.

So I am taken aback a little.

Is it too bad that she thought of securing her future? The husband could have at least reassured her for sacrificing work!

Let’s find out by what the Reddit community thinks.

This person shares how things are with him ad his wife.

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This person wants the girl to stay firm on her demand.

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This person thinks her reasons are justified.

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This person’s talking numbers!

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This man knows the right way!

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Yeah, you go get that bag, girl!

If you support him, he should support you!

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