Feb 26, 2014

Try Scrolling Down This 24,000 Pixel Long ‘Colorgasm’


Nina Geometrieva is a graphic designer and illustrator from Skopje, Macedonia. In her latest project on Behance entitled Colorgasm, Nina challenges viewers to scroll down her massive 725 x 24076 pixel image and experience what I can only describe as some kind of ‘rainbow laser beam’.

Her color palette choices are awesome and scrolling down the incredibly long graphic is refreshingly enjoyable. Be sure to check out more of Nina’s projects at the links below.


Behance | Facebook | Twitter | Dribble



super long rainbow laser beam colorgasm scrolling image by nina-geometrieva


*update* Jesus Diaz from Gizmodo/Sploid just made a fairly awesome gif of Nina’s graphic above. Check it out below!


colorgasm gif by nina geometrieva


Behance | Facebook | Twitter | Dribble






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