Mar 27, 2015

Picture of the Day: Northern Guangxi Province, China



In this jaw-dropping panoramic by Trey Ratcliff, we see the incredible landscape of the northern region of Guangxi, just to the south of the Guizhou and Hunan provinces of China.

In a post on Google+, Ratcliff explains:

“It was a muggy day, the sort where you feel your t-shirt sticking to you before you even realize it. We hired some local guides, who then hired some even more local guides to help show the way to the spire we wanted to ascend. Boy was it grueling! Jagged rocks, thorny bushes, all-fours most of the way. Sometimes the only thing to hold onto was a thorn bush or a glassy-evil-jaded rock. At the top, I looked down to see all kinds of grisly lacerations… but gathered my wits to get this photo! This photo is a panorama, which I don’t normally do, but the Dr. Seuss countryside there is so vast and overpowering, it was kind of the only way to bring it all together.”


Be sure to check out the full-size (and zoomable!) 19,000 pixel wide panorama on Google+



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