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One Boss Told Him He Couldn’t Take More Vacation Time, But Another Employee Helped Him Game The System

by Trisha Leigh

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It is a fact of life that your time off from work will always go by more quickly than the days you’re toiling away at your desk.

Since most of us have to follow the rules for taking off, though, we can’t just stay away as long as we’d like.

This employee took two weeks off and had a family emergency come up during his leave.

When I worked Corrections, I requested for 2 weeks off (I had been there for years and accrued plenty of paid leave), it was given to me as I had done so months in advance for a personal event.

The 2 weeks went by (way too quick).

I had specifically lined up my 2 week break to lead into my 2 days off at the beginning of the break and at the end so I could maximize my time off.

However, during my normal off days a family emergency came up that was quite serious, so I asked for another 2 days off to handle my situation.

Even so, his boss told him he had to come to work.

I was told my my direct supervisor that there was NO way she was approving that, because we are only allowed to use 84 hours of leave in one continuous block (given our rotating written schedules and 12 hour shifts, this equaled 2 weeks).

She ordered me to come in the next day, or I would recieve a write up.

I didn’t argue because I knew she was correct.

So I showed up that night and reported for my shift and much to my surprise, my Captain had called out sick, so a relief captain came in to fill her shift.

While he was there he told a different boss that he needed another day off to handle family business.

I asked him to give me the next day off after my shift was over.

He and I had a rapport given the number of years we’ve worked with each other previously, and so he looked at the schedule and my leave.

He said, “you know you’ve got plenty of leave right?”

“Yes, I know. I just need some of it to handle my business tomorrow.”

“No, I mean you’ve got PLENTY of leave to take, and get roster is filled the next two weeks.”

He gave it to him – and pointed out a fun loophole in the process.

“Yeah, I just got off a 2 week vacati”- I stopped because he winked at me.

And it finally clicked.

We can only take up to 2 weeks off consecutively. Nothing says we can’t take off 2 weeks, come in for… Say an hour.. Then go home and take off another 2 weeks.

So I did and he signed an the paperwork stating, “It’s not my shift. F— that b—-.”

I handled my emergency literally the next day, it turned out to NOT be as serious as we thought, and then enjoyed another paid 2 weeks off from work.

It was great.

To add to the bliss, I reported back from work to find out that this captain was fired and replaced for some kind of negligence or something.

It was a great month.

Reddit probably loves any story that involves people getting time off from work!

The top comment says only in America.

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Things could  certainly be better.

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So no one cares when you game the system.

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Earn it and burn it.

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But think of all of those days spent toiling away.

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I say good for this guy.

Who wouldn’t take a whole paid month off if they could?

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