April 26, 2024 at 10:26 pm

‘This is what it’s come to, guys.’ – When This Hospital Patient Woke Up, She Didn’t Expect To Be Greeted By A Virtual Nurse

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@mrsmotivated

If you’ve experienced ER recently you’ll know how short staffed hospitals are and how that can affect patient care.

But would you be okay with robots taking over some of your care, or feel it was an absolute nightmare future?

Source: TikTok/@mrsmotivated
In this clip, @mrsmotivated is a patient in hospital,  and shows her followers something that could be coming to an ER to you soon – a virtual nurse!

The virtual nurse is being tried out at MercyOne Hospital in Mason City, Iowa.

“I’m in my room at the hospital, and they don’t have enough staff here. So, they said, ‘Hey, just so you know, there’s a thing on the wall, and it’s going to be your virtual nurse,’”

Source: TikTok/@mrsmotivated
The virtual nurse interrupts a TV show she’s watching to say hi but her appearance on the screen both startles and impresses the patient.

“This is what it’s come to, guys. But this is freaking crazy. My mind blown right now. I’m actually impressed.”

The use of virtual nurses is taking place in some healthcare environments to carry out tasks that don’t necessitate physical activity.

Source: TikTok/@mrsmotivated
They can carry out admissions, interviewing patients and providing discharge data.

Virtual nurses can never replace actual physical nurses, though – at least, not totally.

Watch the full clip here:


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Winning comment!

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Yep, does feel a bit like we might actually need humans to work healthcare!

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Source: TikTok/@mrsmotivated

I’m not sure they’ve thought this all the way through.

And in America…what exactly are we even paying for?

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