April 26, 2024 at 11:54 pm

An Absurdly Long Conversation Makes A Woman Wait For An Elevator, So She Gets Revenge In The Most Satisfying Way Possible

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Elevators are the location of some of the most awkward, and frustrating, interactions in modern society.

From the person who is screaming into their phone in a fully packed elevator, to the comedian who feels the need to try out his stand-up routine on people just trying to get to their 9-5.

And there is a special place in the underworld reserved for people who fart in the elevator, especially if they get off at the next floor and leave everyone else to deal with the fall out!

But this user’s story shows that nothing is worse than people who stop the elevator entirely for their own personal reasons.

So when OP was left waiting for the elevator while the people above her had a conversation with the door open, she got her revenge by making them stop at every floor in the building!

Check it out!

Person held up the lift, so I pressed the lift button on every floor on the walk down

Was about to take out a bunch of rubbish and pressed the button for the lift.

Nothing happens for a few minutes and I can hear people talking from the floor above where they must be holding up the lift.

I press the button a few more times, which they must have heard because I could follow half their conversation.

But against all common courtesy, OP’s neighbors kept holding the elevator!

Still no movement in the lift.

After a few more minutes I get impatient and take the stairs instead, manage to press the lift button on each floor whilst juggling my bin bags.

By the time I made it down and had thrown away all my rubbish.

I got the satisfaction of seeing the lift stop at the last 2 floors and someone walking out with a very annoyed look on her face.

Simple, but oh so beautiful revenge. It’s like the malicious version of that scene in Elf where Will Ferrell hits every floor’s button to “light up the Christmas tree!”

Reddit loved to see OP’s neighbors face the consequences of his actions, but some people reminded us that not all elevator holdups are intentional!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Apparently elevator ettiquete is at an all time low, because the comments were full of their own infuriating elevator stories!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And some even said they do the exact same thing as OP in their own building!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user had an elevator offense that even topped OP’s, remembering when one of her neighbors held up two elevators at once!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Come on people! You’re not the only person in the building that doesn’t want to take the stairs!

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