Nov 28, 2009

Picture of the Day – November 28, 2009

picture of the day Picture of the Day   November 28, 2009

In response to some recent feedback from my good friend Will, the Sifter will be posting a picture every day at 5pm. A link at the bottom of each post will give credit to the original source (if available). Hope you enjoy!

zebrafish zebra danio larvae Picture of the Day   November 28, 2009
Photograph by Jürgen Berger / Mahendra Sonawan

The Zebrafish, or Zebra Danio, is a tropical fresh-water fish not only popular in aquariums around the world, but in research tanks as well. Danio rerio plays an important role in teaching us more about evolution. These two-day old larvae will turn into adult fish in three months. Scientists have found that zebrafish have the ability to regenerate fins, skins, the heart and the brain during the larval stages.

via Spiegel Online