May 27, 2010

Hey Sony, Forget 3DTV I Want This!

sony rollable otft driven oled Hey Sony, Forget 3DTV I Want This!
Photograph via Akihabaranews

I understand why Sony has bet big on 3D. They have positioned it as the new ‘must have’ feature in home entertainment; and it works quite nicely across their divisions. It starts with the TV, which you’ll need in order to truly experience their upcoming lineup of films and games. Oh, you’ll also need a special Blu-ray player like a PS3 to facilitate this new tech.

As their marketing machine tries to convince us of the benefits of 3D; it’s their foray into OLED that has me much more intrigued. I’m talking ultra-thin and flexible screens. A new wave of portability that carries much broader implications than seeing the next Resident Evil film in 3D.

In a May 26, 2010 press release, Sony’s technology division announced the world’s first ‘rollable’ OLED screen. In technical terms, it’s a high performance organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) with original organic semiconductor enable roll-up capabilities. I don’t know what I just typed but I think it loosely translates back into plain English as: watch this video


– High performance OTFT with originally developed high-mobility and highly-stable organic semiconductor materials, PXX derivatives
– Integration of a flexible gate-driver circuit with OTFTs
– Enhancement of flexibility with all organic insulators in the OTFT and OLED integration circuit
– Achieved display capable of reproducing moving images while rolled-up around cylinder with 4mm radius

rollable oled technology Hey Sony, Forget 3DTV I Want This!


Specification of the OTFT
organic semiconductor: peri-Xanthenoxanthene(PXX) derivative
hole mobility: 0.4 cm2/Vs
current on/off ratio: 106
channel length: 5?m
threshold voltage: -5V

Specification of the rollable OTFT-driven OLED display
size of a panel: 4.1 inch wide
number of pixels: 432 x 240 x RGB pixels
size of a pixel: 210?m x 210?m
resolution: 121 ppi (pixels per inch)
number of colors: 16,777,216
peak luminance: >100 cd/m2
contrast ratio: >1000:1
minimum bending radius : 4 mm
driving scheme: 2T-1C voltage programming with OTFTs
thickness of a panel: 80 micrometers


sony rollable oled screen Hey Sony, Forget 3DTV I Want This!
Photograph via Akihabaranews

Information and video courtesy of Sony

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virtual windows by winscape Hey Sony, Forget 3DTV I Want This!