Dec 19, 2011

Top Ten Homes of 2011


As 2011 nears its end, the Sifter looks back at all of the homes posted this year. Below you will find a collection of our 10 favorites. The reasons are varied but each home features a unique trait that was worthy of inclusion. From the most excessive to the most excellent, there was no shortage of interesting properties. For all homes posted on the site, be sure to check out the Homes & Buildings section. Enjoy!




Most Interesting: Homes Built out of Spite


spite house Top Ten Homes of 2011


Is there anything more resentful than building a house out of pure spite? In this article we look at eight famous homes built out of spite. It’s all about taking a squabble or argument to the next level in this post!




Loft of the Year: 110 Freelon Street, San Francisco


coolest loft ever 19 Top Ten Homes of 2011


With 30 ft ceilings, an 18 ft ficus tree and a small basketball court in the living room, this one-of-a-kind 4,400 sq. ft. loft in SoMa, San Francisco is tres cool.




Coolest Conversion: Cement Factory in Barcelona, Spain


cement factory conversion ricardo bofill barcelona spain 29 Top Ten Homes of 2011


With over 30 silos, multiple buildings and towering ceilings throughout, this cement factory conversion by Ricardo Bofill is unique even for a city [Barcelona] with seemingly endless amounts of amazing architecture. Featuring office, residential and exhibition space, this is a must-see conversion.




Most Excessive: Portabello Estate in Orange County


portabello estate mansion california cameo shores corona del mar 25 Top Ten Homes of 2011


Sold in 2010 for a cool $34.1 million, the Portabello Estate in the ultra-exclusive Corona del Mar neighbourhood of Orange County is the epitome of excess. From a 3-story grotto cliff to a 10-pin bowling alley, this property is simply bananas.




Strangest Home: Ferdinand Cheval’s Ideal Palace


ideal palace ferdinand cheval eg 3 Top Ten Homes of 2011


Ferdinand Cheval’s Ideal Palace (Palais idéal) stands as a testament that you can achieve anything with time, effort and passion. How else could a simple postman with no formal training, single-handedly build something to the admiration of Picasso, André Breton and André Malraux?




Best Adaptation: French Chateau on Central Park, NYC


french chateau on central park in manhattan new york city 3 Top Ten Homes of 2011


Located on Central Park, this stunning 19th century chapel is an official landmark in Manhattan, New York City. The imposing neo-French Renaissance Chateauesque style prewar condominium features: incredible vaulted ceilings, peaked chapel windows, stone columns, an arched gallery and antique French stone floors on three different levels




Unique Design: AE House in Mexico City


ae house twentyfourseven mexico city inward facing design 29 Top Ten Homes of 2011


Finding a little peace and privacy in the largest metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere can be challenging. A typical house design faces outward, with the front of your home facing the street and your backyard… well it’s in the back. The architects at twentyfourseven addressed this challenge by designing a home that is L-shaped, leaving a gorgeous plot of exterior space within the confines of the property.




Best Bungalow: Dinesh Mills Bungalow by Atelier DND


bungalow in india dinesh mills by atelier dnd 6 Top Ten Homes of 2011


Located in the western state of Gujarat, the Dinesh Mills Bungalow is the first home featured on the Sifter from India. A gorgeous and spacious bungalow situated just outside the city of Vadodara, this home is surrounded by lush greenery and a beautiful pool that envelops the back of the house.




Best Interior Design: Fieldview Home by Blaze Makoid Architecture


blaze makoid architecture east hampton home new york fieldview 10 Top Ten Homes of 2011


Located in the posh and exclusive town of East Hampton in Suffolk Country, New York; the Fieldview home designed by Blaze Makoid Arhcitecture is a stunning ‘C Frame’ house that seeks to take full advantage of the adjacent southern view of an agricultural reserve.
Situated on a one-acre lot, this 4,000 square foot (372 sq m) home is drenched in natural light as the entire south-side is encased in glass. With warm brown tones throughout the interior, this stunning home exudes calmness and comfortability.




House of the Year: The Kona Residence by Belzberg Architects


kona residence hawaii belzberg architects 1 Top Ten Homes of 2011


Completed in 2010, this stunning 8,000 sq ft (743 sq m) residence by Belzberg Architects is one of the finest the Sifter has seen. Located in Kona, Hawaii, the property is situated between volcanic mountain ranges to the east and ocean horizons to the west.






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