Dec 28, 2010

The Sifter’s Top 10 Homes of 2010




If you’re a regular reader of the Sifter you’re familiar with my real estate fascination. I love posting all types of homes. From the unique and interesting to the grand and opulent. Below you will find a collection of the Sifter’s Top 10 Homes from 2010. Click any picture or link to be taken to the original post, enjoy!



The Biggest and Most Expensive Home Posted in 2010

This staggering 48,00 square foot mega-mansion in the Cayman Islands was listed at a jaw-dropping $59 million USD! Can you believe people live in places like these?



The Best Use of Limited Space [500 sq ft]

Architects Darrick Borowski and Danny Orenstein show us that it’s possible to live quite comfortably in 500 square feet (46 sq m). From stairs that act as storage drawers, to a loft bed, this place uses every square inch of space!



The Most Exotic Home Posted in 2010

Located in gorgeous Phuket, Thailand, this stunning property boasts over 8,000 square feet of interior space and over 8,500 square feet of outdoor terrace space as well! Situated on the waterfront, this property is simply beautiful



The Craziest Penthouse Posted in 2010

It’s not surprising that the craziest, most outlandish penthouse posted in 2010 would be in New York City. This 5-storey penthouse located in the ultra-swank TriBeCa neighbourhood can be yours for a cool $28 million USD. Anybody want to go half and half on it? :P



The Coolest Retrofit Property of 2010

It’s a 1965 Boeing 727 converted into a hotel room. Need I say more?



The Most Unique Property of 2010

Located in Villa Vals, Switzerland (home to one of the world’s most famous thermal springs) is this fascinating property built into a hillside. Certainly one the most curious entrances we’ve ever seen for a home, this is truly one of the most unique properties posted on the Sifter.



The Coolest Home Not on Land

Bought by one of Britain’s richest women for a cool $97.36 million USD, the 300+ ft Maltese Falcon is one of the biggest sailing yachts in the world. It is without doubt, the most extravagant home not on land I’ve ever posted.



The Coolest Bachelor Pad of 2010

If your bachelor pad doesn’t have a beer trough, it’s not as cool as this place. End of story.



The Best Design of 2010

When the architect proclaims the property the greatest achievement of his career, it’s probably pretty nice. The Glass Pavilion in Montecito, California is the Sifter’s favourite design of 2010.



The ‘Home Sweet Home’ of 2010

Just look at the view! This home is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful design through and through. The Sifter’s favourite property of 2010.









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