July 20, 2012 at 3:53 pm

Picture of the Day: Hottest. Kiss. Ever.

by twistedsifter




hottest kiss ever kiss dip in front of volcano Picture of the Day: Hottest. Kiss. Ever.


This kiss is hot in every respect. The dip, the lava, the rain. This amazing shot shows photographer Dallas Nagata and her husband Ed White embracing in front of lava (she had her friend press the shutter and another friend holding the speedlite behind them), and it’s been making the rounds online ever since it was featured in the Atlantic’s ‘In Focus‘ gallery (which highlights some nominees for the 2012 National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest).

For a great overview of how the final shot you see above was made, check out Dallas’ post on Google+

In Nagata’s own words:

Lava Kiss: My husband and I, along with a tour guide and a group of friends, hiked up to what was formerly the Royal Gardens subdivision above Kalapana, Hawaii, where the last standing house was just recently taken over by the active lava flow. While waiting for the rain to pass, we started taking back-lit portraits of each other in front of the lava flow after I set up my camera on the tripod. For the last photo, my husband spontaneously dipped me in a kiss. It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime moment! [Source]