December 9, 2012 at 10:46 pm

Picture of the Day: Chicago from Afar

by twistedsifter




Chicago Skyline


In this stunning capture by Robert Elves we get a different view of the city of Chicago. I was personally surprised to see so much greenery! With one of the most incredible skylines in the world, this distant view of Chicago is reminiscent of another Picture of the Day that featured the Chicago skyline as seen from Indiana.

According to comments on Reddit, this picture was likely taken from the top of Mount Prospect some 22 miles (35km) northwest of downtown Chicago. Still can’t get over the greenery!

*Update: A quick peek at the informed commenters suggests it is MUCH more likely the photo was taken from a plane or helicopter (two of the tags on Flickr are ‘united’ and ‘airlines’). Cheers to Mr. Petersen, Mr. Nurkiewicz, Mr. Steinhauer, Mr. Kie and viaggo. Apologies to the locals that know better!



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