July 16, 2013 at 5:02 pm

Picture of the Day: In the Heat of the Moment

by twistedsifter




kawika singson standing on lava shoes tripod on fire Picture of the Day: In the Heat of the Moment

Photograph of KAWIKA SINGSON | Taken by Chris Hirata


In this crazy capture, we see photographer Kawika Singson getting up close and personal with lava as his shoes and tripod begin to catch fire. The photo went viral after being posted to the highly popular Facebook page, ‘I f*cking love science‘ (which boasts a jaw-dropping 6.1 million Likes).

Uploaded to Facebook as Singson’s cover photo, the photographer explains:

“Always trying to be creative, I thought it would be pretty cool (hot!) to take a lava pic with my shoes and tripod on fire while photographing lava so that’s what I did that’s real lava real flames and it was really hot! I could stand the heat only for a few seconds.”


The image was taken somewhere in Hawaii. In a recent interview with PetaPixel, Singson admits he doesn’t like to give out his exact locations.

And full credit goes to CHRIS HIRATA who actually took the photograph of Singson. You can see an album of the progression of the photo shoot here.

If you want to see more from Singson, be sure to like his page on Facebook. He’s trying to get to 10,000 fans, so help him out if you like what you see!



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