Jul 12, 2013

Picture of the Day: Pigeon Point Lighthouse




pigeon point lighthouse at night Picture of the Day: Pigeon Point Lighthouse


In this nighttime long exposure photograph by Kaddi Suddhi, we see the famous Pigeon Point Lighthouse in San Mateo, California.

According to the California State Parks website:

“Perched on a cliff on the central California coast, 50 miles south of San Francisco, the 115-foot Pigeon Point Lighthouse, one of the tallest lighthouses in America, has been guiding mariners since 1872. Its five-wick lard oil lamp, and first-order Fresnel lens, comprised of 1,008 prisms, was first lit at sunset, November 15, 1872. The lens stands 16 feet tall, 6 feet in diameter, and weighs 8,000 pounds. It sits in a lantern room that had been constructed at the Lighthouse Service’s general depot in New York before being shipped around the Horn. Although the original Fresnel lens is no longer in use, the lighthouse is still an active U.S. Coast Guard aid to navigation using a 24 inch Aero Beacon.”


The park is located along California Highway 1, 20 miles south of Half Moon Bay and 27 miles north of Santa Cruz. Half hour guided history walks around the lighthouse grounds are available 10am to 4pm Friday through Monday, except on rainy days. Marine mammals, such as seals and whales, can be seen regularly from shore as they pass by beyond the surf. [Source]

To get the shot, Kaddi used: NIKON D300S, Tokina 12-24mm lens @ 16mm focal length, Shutter Speed 190 sec, Aperture f/6.3, ISO 200



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