Sep 18, 2013

Picture of the Day: An Albino Humpback Whale




white humpback whale albino migaloo Picture of the Day: An Albino Humpback Whale


In this rare capture by Jenny Dean, we see an albino Humpback whale, strongly believed to be Migaloo, the only documented white humpback whale in the world.

According to the Courier-Mail, Migaloo was spotted outside the North Barnard Islands near Innisfail, Australia. Dean recalls: “We stopped the boat and he was playing around about 200m away and came closer and closer, eventually about 50m away, then dove and headed for the boat”.

You can purchase prints, along with two other photographs of the white whale by visiting Jenny’s portfolio on RedBubble, where you will also find an excellent collection of animal, landscape and flower photography.



picture of the day button Picture of the Day: An Albino Humpback Whale