September 24, 2013 at 5:28 pm

Picture of the Day: Meticulously Dismantled VW Golf

by twistedsifter




exploded view volkswagen golf MK2

Photograph by HANS HANSEN


In this amazing image, we see all of the parts that make up a Volkswagen Golf Mk2 (see higher-res image here). The Mk2 succeeded the Mk1 as Volkswagen’s volume seller from 1983 and remained in (German) production until late 1992. All told, about 6.3 million second-generation Golfs were built. [Source]

On the VW-inspired forum Club GTI, user BrokeVW drafted an exhaustive list of ‘errors’ with the photo. I’m no VW expert so can’t comment on its veracity, but a little digging does show him to be quite knowledgeable of VW’s. Here’s a small chunk of ‘errors’ he reported (see the rest on Club GTI):

– They show the diff spider gears paired up, each on a shaft
– Missing one snap ring used to secure the cross shaft
– Both diff stub axle circlips are missing
– Both bronze tapered conical thrust rings are missing behind the flanges
– The selector detent bolt is missing
– missing the 13mm nut to hold the selector bracket to the selector assembly
– 5th gear circlip and washer are missing
– No 5th fork lock plate
– 2 springs for the shift fork rod are missing

Unfortunately I was unable to track down the original source of this image. While it appears to be a promotional shot for VW, please let us know in the comments if you have any more info about this photograph!

*Update: Thanks to a very helpful comment from lcu20 (see below) we now know the photo was taken by Hans Hansen for a book entitled, Das Buch. Von Volkswagen. 1938-198. The book celebrates their 50 year anniversary and was an exclusive gift to all Volkswagen employees and not sold in bookstores. The caption tells that the photo shows a disassembled 1988 VW Golf CL version, disassembled in 6843 parts.



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