Jan 10, 2014

Picture of the Day: The ‘Wind Chilled’ City




chicago aerial skyline from airplane polar vortex 2014 Picture of the Day: The Wind Chilled City

Photograph by Hank Cain


In this aerial photograph by pilot Hank Cain, we see the beautiful Chicago skyline below on a chilly morning on January 7, 2014. The photo was taken with Hank’s iPhone and the image has quickly spread online in the last few days.

If you like these airplane photos that show the world below (along with the plane’s wing), you’ll definitely want to check out our previous post ‘Seeing the World Through an Airplane Window‘ where you will find 50 more such shots.

As for the playful title, for those that are unfamiliar, Chicago is widely known as the Windy City, though its exact origins are not known, there’s an informative Wikipedia article on the history of the name here.



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