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Built in 1962, the World’s Smallest Car has One Door, One Headlight and Manual Reverse

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At 54″ long and 41″ wide, the Peel P50 has held the title of “World’s Smallest Production Car” for over 50 years.

Originally manufactured from 1962-1964 on the Isle of Man, the Peel P50 has only one door, one headlight and no reverse gear; just a handle at the rear that allows the lightweight car to be physically manoeuvred when required.

Originally listed at £198 and achieving 100 miles to the gallon, it was jokingly proclaimed to be “cheaper than walking”.


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The Peel P50 was the brainchild of serial inventor and Peel Engineering Company’s owner Cyril Cannell. He envisioned an ultra compact, exceptionally small commuter car capable of travelling at 40 mph while seating one adult carrying a briefcase. The engine? A modest 40 cc you might find in a moped.


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Production ceased in 1964 with only fifty Peel P50s ever being produced. Of these originals, only twenty seven are known to be still in existence making the Peel P50 one of the world’s rarest automobiles.


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