Sep 27, 2022

12 Cashiers Admit What They Judge Customers for Buying

We’d all like to think that the person behind the cash register won’t judge us for ANYTHING we buy at their store.

But let’s get real…THEY’RE JUDGING US!

And today we have the proof.

Read on to see what cashiers had to say about what they silently judge customers for buying.

1. Grossed out.

“I work at a boba shop and I definitely judge people who get fruit-flavored toppings in their chocolate/coffee-flavored drinks.

Rainbow jelly and hot chai latte — just thinking about it grosses me out.”

2. Not getting served.

“I worked as a cashier for many years.

The one that stands out to me is when this one group of people came in to buy al**hol. They were all pretty intoxicated already and the law says you cannot sell alcohol to an already-intoxicated person.

I let them know I would not be selling them any al**hol so of course, they raised a big stink about it and security had to escort them out. I worried that they drove to the store because they were all too d**nk to be driving.”

3. That is one dry sandwich.

“I worked for an on-campus sandwich shop in college. This guy who lived there and came in every day was super nice, but his sandwich always upset me: a bunch of roast beef on rye bread.

Nothing else. That has to be the driest sandwich out there. I hope he is doing well and has improved his sandwich game.”

4. Throwing a fit.

“I worked in a store and we did not take EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer).

I had a lady once roll up in a newer Escalade and piled up about $75 worth of junk food in a cart.

I told her no EBT. She threw a huge s**t fit and proceeded to pull out a wad of $100 bills.”

5. That’s intense.

“”I work at a hospital and we have a local coffee-shop chain near our cafeteria.

I will never forget the day a woman ordered a tea with five creams and six sugars and a large coffee with six creams and eight Splendas.

I can only hope they weren’t for her.”

6. Hmmmm…

“I worked at HomeGoods and there was ‘organic’ water in the specialty foods section.

First of all, water contains no carbon and is thus inorganic.

Second, who buys water from HomeGoods?”

7. I put a spell on you.

“I work at a Spencer’s.

Nothing really fazes me, however, I judge the hell out of people who buy love spell books. I don’t really believe in witchcraft but d**n, it’s the intention.

I’ve read through them and it gets super disgusting.”

8. Scammer.

“About 40 years ago I worked at a large store similar to Walmart. We caught a lady shoplifting a bunch of baby clothes one time.

I felt sorry for her, thinking she just didn’t have enough money to buy clothes for her baby, right up until I noticed she was wearing a pair of $50 jeans (and that was a lot of money for jeans 40 years ago).”

9. Every night.

“”When I worked at a convenience store many moons ago on the overnight shift, I had a regular customer come in every night and buy a red hot beef burrito and a 500 ml jug of half and half.”

10. That is sad.

“I worked as a cashier at a grocery store.

We had a woman come in regularly. She always had a bursting cart full of donuts, and cheese puffs — mainly junk food. On the bottom were a few vegetables and healthier food. She would always mysteriously not have enough money and would have us put back just the healthy food and buy only junk.

It was actually really sad. She did that every time she came in.”

11. Cheap.

“I work in a store with makeup and judge the s**t out of people buying Essence.

It’s cheap for a reason, and I promise that with their complete lack of tamper-evident packaging, somebody’s already swatched what you’re buying. Enjoy pinkeye.”

12. Keeping tabs.

“I work at Petco and we judge you when you buy shitty less-than-five-gallon tanks for your betta fish with no heater and filter.

We keep track of these people and if they come back to buy another betta soon we question them to see if it died and we won’t sell to them.”

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