Sep 13, 2022

Thief Steals a Car But It Was Such a Piece of Junk He Fixed It Up and Returned It With a Note

You know your car has to be a real piece of s**t if someone:

  1. Steals it.
  2. Returns it.
  3. Fixes it up and writes you a note about it because they feel sorry for you because your car is so sh**ty.


You don’t see that every day!

But that’s what happened to a guy named Anthony Lopez and he shared two videos on TikTok outlining what happened.

@anthonylopez78381 We left this car out to die and it came back to us With new tires new rims new shift nob and a kill switch, oh and they cleaned the car inside out, Even the engine Bay was cleaned too. #why #honda #stolen #rentonwashington #seattle ♬ original sound – anthonylopez78381

And here’s the second video.

@anthonylopez78381 Well here’s a part 2 of the note#stolen #notes #part2 ♬ What The Fu – wtf – SiLLy ViRaL

Here’s what the note said that was returned with Lopez’s car:

“Look my guy, I got to say I have never in my life ever dropped a car back after I took it and I take a lot of cars.

So the one and only reason I’m droppin’ your whip back off on fresh a** rims with all matching tires that are brand new [is] ‘cause is 1. I got a flat and 2. is I can see you bust your a** and work on real s**t deep down, I can respect that full-hearted.

Do keep up the hard work and your head up cause if you don’t, I’ll come back for it. 1 last thing [is for] you to open your hood and open up the fuse box under the hood and plug the fuse in, in order to start your whip.

And I strongly mean it when I say you need to pull that same fuse out every f**king time you park your car, ‘cause bro bro, I got your car in 9 seconds flat and I did it all from the right of where you sit.

So please, if you want to keep your car, pull that fuse. 9 out of 10 car thieves don’t know that trick yet and you have my word as a man, I won’t take your car.

For the fuse under the hood, I wired in a k**l switch, [it’s] your job to hide it. I am a pro car thief, I want you to know this is against everything [I do], but I saw you work and s**t. I truly am sorry, if only you knew my life. Again, sorry.”

Again, this is pretty incredible.

Maybe not all thieves are such bad people, huh…? Well, at least not 100% bad…

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