September 13, 2022 at 7:09 pm

Guy Shares Google Trick to Save Time While Job Hunting That Could Help Us All

by Matthew Gilligan

As I’m sure most of you know, looking for a job SUCKS.

It’s frustrating, demoralizing, and totally exhausting…so every little trick and every little shortcut helps!

And a 25-year-old software engineer named Tem who lives in Austin, Texas, shared a video on TikTok about a job searching hack that a lot of people will probably find useful.

In the video, Tem replied to a user who asked viewers, “Does anyone know where I can find a job?”

He offered up this advice and then showed viewers what he was talking about: “When I used to look for jobs, this is one thing I did. I would actually target the application website using Boolean search.”

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As Tem talks about in the video, the key to his Google job hunt is a Boolean search, which is when you use a set of commands to refine a Google search and narrow down your search to see more of what you want to see.

Tem also suggests that you can use the Boolean search to cut out the middleman of websites like Indeed or LinkedIn and that using this method will take you directly to application hosting websites instead of having to go through more steps.

Tem shared a follow-up video and talked about how using this method saves him time and he can avoid filling out long forms on different websites. Replying to @Peter #career #careeradvice #careertiktok #careertok #careergoals #careertips #careers #jobtips #jobs #jobsearch ♬ original sound – tem

Tem said,

“I started using Google to specifically target hassle-free job posts (Greenhouse, Lever, etc.) as I’m too lazy to go through a whole 25-page+ signup and email verification process that many jobs may have on LinkedIn or Indeed when you click apply. This sped up my process a bit in the last times I looked for jobs.”

If you’re looking for a job, we hope this helps you out!

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