Oct 8, 2022

12 Women Share the Creepiest Things They’ve Ever Heard From Male Friends

You’d think that men would refrain from being creepy when it came to conversing with their female friends…

But here we are, people!

Check out these responses women had when they were asked about the scariest things that their male friends said to them.

1. Creepy.

“Some family friends came to my house for dinner once with their parents and the father saw a picture of when I was 11 (we were at my parents’ house) and said that I had a nice ‘curved’ and ‘mature’ body.

I know I developed a lot quicker than other people my age, but it’s still a really weird thing to say about a child.”

2. Out of line.

“When I was 13, a male friend of my parents saw me LITERALLY AT CHURCH and commented IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS, ‘Wow, you’re developing such a nice figure!'”

3. That hurts.

“‘I don’t care about your breakup, I thought you’d be f**king lonely.

I only came over to meet you because I thought I’d have a chance but instead, it led to the worst six months of my life.’ BLOCKED AND DELETED.”

4. Laughed at.

“The first time preteen me went shopping with friends I bought jeans that said ‘s**y’ on the pocket.

I wore them to my sister’s soccer team and one of the dads from the other team asked ‘Is that your name, or just what you prefer to be called?’

I remember looking at the other parents (all from the other team), looking these moms in the face, looking for help, and they all just laughed. The way he said it made my skin crawl. It still does remembering it.”

5. Heartbreaking.

“When I gained some weight one of my closest male friends got wasted one night and said that I was ‘a waste’ because I ‘used to be hot.’

I was dating one of his best friends so I wasn’t single, and we never had any sort of romantic relationship.

It was pretty heartbreaking to realize how little I meant to him, and to see what his priorities were.”

6. Crude talk.

“The first time I met my ex’s friends, they talked so crudely about women, I was disgusted (these guys were med students by the way).

My ex stayed mostly quiet but I wouldn’t be surprised if he engaged in the ‘locker room talk’ when I wasn’t around.

Anyways I’m glad I never have to meet his friends again but it sickens me to think they’re going to be the nation’s doctors one day.”

7. Okay…

“A few years back, I was working in a cemetery office and I needed to go check something in the park. It was the middle of summer so I didn’t wear my suit blazer and I was wearing a knee-length skirt and a fitted top.

I ran into a colleague who was in his sixties and this is what he said: ‘I’m glad you’re not like the other females here. I can say things to you and you’re not going to get weird and I like that. I’ve been with a lot of women in my lifetime and I have to say that the ones with your body type have always been the most fun in bed.'”

8. Moment of clarity.

“A friend from high school found out I had had s** in college and demanded nudes because ‘Why not? Everyone ELSE has seen you naked. It’s my turn.’

We’d never even flirted before. It was one of those moments of clarity in life where some shiny part of you gets dull and chipped.”

9. Scumbag.

“I confided in a male coworker that I had previously been s**ually a**aulted.

His response? ‘I bet you liked it!'”

10. Told you a lot about him.

“While I was studying abroad, one of my roommates was s**ually **saulted. It was really traumatic, and I was telling my guy friend back home about it.

He replied, ‘Is she hot?’ I said, ‘I’m not really sure what that has to do with anything.’ He said, ‘Sorry, I just thought maybe she was a s**t. I don’t like to think of you not being safe over there.’

Basically, if my roommate was hot, she must also be a slut, which made her at least to some degree responsible for what had happened, while I was ‘safe’ because I was unattractive. He truly thought he was comforting. That exchange told me so much about him.”

11. Cut him out.

“A male friend gave my number away without my consent to a guy I’ve never met before.

The dude texted me asking if we could meet up and when I asked where he got my number from he said it doesn’t matter. I blocked him and told this guy friend about it and he said it was him.

Said I wasn’t cute enough for a guy to go out of his way to ask for my number and that I should be happy he’s ‘helping’ me. I immediately cut him out of my life.”

12. Disgusting.

“I once had a male ‘friend’ confess to repeatedly ma**urbating next to me when I had fallen asleep because he was ‘so in love with me.'”

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