Oct 4, 2022

12 Women With High-Paying, Low-Stress Jobs Talk About What They Do for a Living

Although all of the responses you’re about to read are from women, we think that women AND men will find them very interesting.

Here’s what women had to say about their jobs that are high-paying and low-stress.

Dive right in!

1. Ditch the Ph.D.

“I spent most of my adult life living paycheck to paycheck.

I traveled abroad for a few years after high school while working odd jobs, then I worked in restaurants to pay for a pretty severe academic habit: undergrad then straight into a PhD program.

Eventually I got sick of being constantly stressed out with no money, so I decided to abandon my doctoral program and find a career where my research and problem-solving skills would be well remunerated.”

2. Ouch!

“I’m an esthetician and work at a waxing chain.

I’ve been there for eight years and have a super-solid client base. I get paid 40% commission on services plus tips.

It averages out to about $40/hour. Extremely low stress in that I don’t have to take my work home, deal with deadlines, or do projects with people who don’t pull their weight.”

3. Good for a single mom.

“I’m an RN for a big health insurance company. I review medical claims from hospitals. I receive an annual salary of about $100K, in addition to annual raises and performance bonuses.

My work is 100% remote; my hours are flexible so it accommodates me as a single mom. I don’t work weekends and holidays, and I get 35 days of vacation time every year. Having a financially stable and flexible job has been a blessing for me and my daughter.”

4. All the perks.

“I’m a store manager in luxury retail and make six figures. A degree isn’t required, and you can work your way up internally from a sales associate role.

My job is fun because each day is different and I have wonderful relationships with my team members. It’s a supportive environment, and I get to leverage my creativity and strategic agility to drive the business.

Plus, I get a discount on designer clothes, shoes, bags, the works!”

5. Basically on your own boss.

“I’m a translator and work for a government contractor. The job is fully remote, I completely make my own hours, I meet with my boss over a 15-minute phone call every other week to check on my progress, and that’s the only supervision I have.

I set my own deadlines, and with my upcoming 11% raise, I will be making $100K. I get whatever paid time off I want, including all federal holidays, profit sharing and 401(k) matching, free medical/dental/vision, a birthday gift and Christmas gift, and at least one generous bonus each year.

The whole company gets together once a year to catch up and discuss tradecraft, and we all truly are friends, and I actually enjoy the meetings.”

6. Doing great.

“I’m a holistic academic coach and ADHD coach. I work four to five hours four days a week, generally.

I used to be an ESE teacher and took online courses in coaching skills, mindfulness, education consulting, and more to bolster my credentials. I mainly work one-on-one with students, but I can also offer workshops, training, and consulting.

I make about $4K–5K a month, and I’m actually undercharging.”

7. No one looking over your shoulder.

“Payroll Compliance Specialist.

I make sure employers can pay and file their unemployment insurance by registering them up in states they have new employees in or giving the company I work for third-party access to be able to file and pay.

I also work from home, so no bosses looking over you shoulder.”

8. E-commerce.

“I work as an e-commerce manager for a well-known nonprofit company, and will clear over six figures this year.

I’m 31 years old and have been with the company for over 10 years, so I know all the ins and outs of the business. I have no degree, but did attend college for a short period of time after high school without graduating.

I get promoted with a large pay increase every two years and get a 5% pay increase yearly. I also make about $8K–$10K a year in bonuses as well.”

9. Score!

“I’m a pre-sales consultant.

I work 9 to 5 remotely, can travel as much as you see fit, make six figures with healthy monthly bonuses, and don’t have a ton of ‘hustle culture.’

Bonus, this field tends to be pretty female dominated depending on the company you work for!”

10. Cool!

“Voice acting is a low-stress job to me because I get to work in my pajamas and audition at my desk, standing or sitting, with a cup of coffee every morning.

The only stressful part is getting the lines right in a live-directed session with multiple people judging your performance.

Multiple takes can be tedious, but commercials and YouTube scripts pay relatively well compared to games or anime.”

11. Enjoying it.

“I’m a buyer for a furniture company.

I make six figures, travel to fun and interesting places, and work with lots of different kinds of people from all over the country and the world.

I am judged by my category sales, so there is an element of stress there, but it’s not like we’re saving lives.

We sell items people use to furnish and decorate their homes. I really enjoy the process of developing an idea, to the sample stage, to getting it in our floors, and seeing what does and doesn’t resonate with our customers.”

12. Sounds pretty good.

“I’m a user experience researcher.

I work from home, have flexible hours, and make $150K salary plus yearly bonus and stock options. The best part for me is when I sign off for the day/weekend, I don’t have to think twice about anything.

I can truly disconnect. It can get a little stressful at times, but I’m extremely happy overall.”

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