October 29, 2022 at 5:54 am

Woman With Vitiligo Uses Her Skin to Create “Art Spots” and People Love It

by Matthew Gilligan

Vitiligo is a condition that causes skin to lose its color and it affects about 1% of the population.

A woman named Amara Aleman has vitiligo and she uses her skin to create “art spots” that are colorful and sometimes match her outfits.

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Aleman said she was devastated by her vitiligo diagnosis when she received it in 2017 after she noticed some white spots on her palms.

She said, “I was working as a dancer performing in theater…and completely stopped dancing. I didn’t know anyone else with vitiligo in my life, and I didn’t think my friends or family would understand.”

Aleman added, “I spent the next year hiding away from everyone. I rarely left the house, and when I did, I was covered up head to toe and either [wore] long clothing or camouflage and makeup.”

“There was so much uncertainty that I wasn’t ready for. I didn’t know if the condition would keep spreading…and it wasn’t something I was ready to face, so I spiraled into a pretty deep depression and anxiety.”

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Eventually, Aleman started to go out and see friends more and more and she decided to use her skin as an outlet for her creativity.

She said, “The main inspiration behind what initially sparked ArtSpots is the idea of taking lemons and making lemonade. Life will continue to be unpredictable and it will defeat you if you’re not able to adapt and see beauty in imperfections or differences.”

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Aleman added, “I share these looks because it’s a therapy for me, it’s an outlet for me to create, and I really do enjoy doing it. But I also share them for anyone who stumbles upon it and may not be in a place where they love their skin. I hope that ArtSpots encourages anyone watching to challenge themselves and their ideas of beauty.”

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What a great story!

We hope this will inspire other people with vitiligo to get out there and do their thing!

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