December 22, 2022 at 12:46 am

Olive Garden Customer Pretends He’s Still Hungry, Gets More Unlimited Pasta To-Go

by Matthew Gilligan

Folks, if stuffing yourself is the name of your game…today is your lucky day.

Because a woman named Hannah posted a video on TikTok showing how her boyfriend got an extra round of unlimited pasta to-go.

Check out her video below and take notes if you have to…

@hjeannn Gotta do what you gotta do #olivegarden #GenshinImpact32 #food #dinner #unlimitedpasta #olivegardenbreadsticks #nobodyneedstoknow #nobodysgonnaknow #fyp #christmas #holiday #boyfriend ♬ THEY ARE GONNA KNOW – Heliqs

Folks on TikTok shared their thoughts.

One person sounds like they know this game all too well:

“As a server at Olive Garden, we know.”

And another OG employee said,

“I saw a girl dumping it into Tupperware at my table and I said, ‘I could (have) brought you some to go boxes,’ really don’t be caring (to be honest).”

Another viewer offered up their own hack and said,

“I bring Tupperware. Like hella Tupperware in my purse and take home so much pasta.”

This TikTokker commented,

“I always just eat one plate and then ask for a second one and a box. It’s the same price as buying the pasta and I get some to take home.”

And yet another viewer said,

“always ask for an extra bowl and breadsticks to go home.”

There you have it!

Now dig in!

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