December 24, 2022 at 4:35 am

Woman Says Dating Apps Sold Us a Totally Flawed Idea of Romance

by Matthew Gilligan

It’s hard to meet people these days and it’s a fact that dating apps are one of the best ways to find dates. And a lot of people ONLY rely on dating apps because that’s just the way the world works right now.

And a writer named Rayne Fisher-Quann says that she’s bewildered by folks who claim that dating apps are the best way to find love and she says that the online dating platform that people subscribe to “is fundamentally dehumanizing — and utterly devoid of romance.”

Fisher-Quann said that she is legitimately happy for people who have found loving relationships on dating apps but she asked a legitimate question: “How does a system that offers you more romantic prospects than all your ancestors combined leave so many of us feeling so alone?”

The writer says that while it seems like these apps offer people an unlimited dating pool, they’re damaging us by seeing people as lists of pros and cons as opposed to unique human beings. And Fisher-Quann adds that this is supposed to make dating (and our lives) easier, but she asked another great question: “Is it really “settling” to meet someone you’re willing to work for? ”

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Fisher-Quann also talks about how these apps have made human interaction so impersonal and have led to such phenomenons as ghosting, catfishing, and lovebombing: things that you can’t (or shouldn’t) do when you meet people through your friends or through work. In other words, it’s severely lacking the personal touch and the time commitment that make relationships flourish.

She added, “I fear a future in which nearly everything about our lives is decided by profit-generating algorithm aimed to minimize discomfort and maximize time spent alone — I can’t imagine anything less romantic than that.”

There’s no doubt that finding love out there in this crazy world is complicated!

We wish you luck with whatever method you’re trying to find it!

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