January 26, 2023 at 12:02 pm

19 People Share The Things That Truly Disgust Them

by Trisha Leigh

I would venture a guess that there are plenty of things a lot of people call icky. We’d rather avoid them if we can, but it’s not always possible, and we can be okay with that, too.

There are some things (or people or actions), though, that are too gross to handle at all – and these 19 people are sharing what that is for them.

19. Nothing helps.

My stepdad makes this AWFUL Native American “cultural” (supposedly) dish called, simply, “Corn Soup” with these bland pieces of bread people call “Hot Sucunes”????

It is the most VILE thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. It makes me gag. It makes me retch when I eat it, and it has since I first tried it. No amount of extra meat or extra stuff I added to it ever helped.

Got in trouble constantly, and he was an abusive parent so I knew every time he made that hideous dish I’d also be getting a beating shortly afterwards if my mom wasn’t home.

18. We really don’t need to see it.

People not flushing their poop or pee in public toilets 🤮🤮🤮.

17. Why is it so awful?

Hair in food.

16. It’s a fair question.

People who abuse their pets.

Like, “why get a pet if you’re just gonna treat it like s*%t?”

15. Makes you want to do a murder.

Listening to people chew… AAAAA

I work with a girl who always seems to have lunch at the same time as me who ALWAYS chews with her mouth open! I have to leave the room or one day I’m going to throat punch her! (just kidding, I’m too awkward to say anything so I’m hardly going to resort to violence)

14. Even worse.

Ads with a fake close button that just redirect you to the link, particularly pop-up ads.

13. It’s the clicking sound, really.

Cockroaches… I hate them. I’d rather stay in a room full of snakes than to stay with 1 huge flying cockroach.

12. Gross sinks are objectively awful.

The goo in the sink drain once you’ve done the dishes. Touching this to clean the sink is always a gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing moment.

11. I don’t get it.

when people are rude to waiters who are clearly working the hardest they can.

Why would anyone help you if you shout, rage and be f-ing rude….. If it’s a meal, ask for it to be replaced- it’s not like the server deliberately messed up your meal – they literally just brought it to your table from the kitchen….

And customer service people – it’s not their fault either – they just have to work with sh**ty systems they didn’t code so give them a break…..

10. Hello, fellow mom of boys.

sitting on a toilet seat with pee on it

Honestly, how hard is it to wipe off the seat when you’re done?? I hate that, people are pigs.

9. What IS worse?

Dan Schneider.

I’m not sure what’s the worse implication though: that this skeevy guy with an obvious foot fetish came out still relatively unscathed after the me too movement, or that there is almost definitely someone worse who doesn’t get as much attention because he doesn’t come off as weird as Dan “Hold Her Tighter, she’s a fighter” Schneider who’s relatively innocent besides a vague Peter Pan syndrome and liking feet.

8. Full stop.

Rapists. No explanation needed.

7. Yes, it’s a real thing.

I have misophonia…. A physical reaction to specific sounds… mainly people who breathe heavily while eating, eat with their mouths open making smacking and slobbering sounds… it drives me into a homicidal rage.

My blood pressure sky rockets ( my standing pressure is 105/70 and it rockets up to about 169/90…. Fast) my pupils dilate, my mouth floods with adrenaline and I can’t be in the same area with all that commotion. It’s crazy.

When I told my GP I thought I had it he laughed. So he tested my physical response to several situations over 3 months. All the same. People who have it , they are hardwired for it. It’s not a learned behavior. However my brain is wired, it causes my body to have physical manifestations of anxiety and rage when hearing those sounds… oops and nausea. It sucks.

I’m all Italian, and my people do EVERYTHING with gusto and life… including eating 🥺. At family reunions I have to eat later alone, and walk outside until everyone is finished, or I’ll go on a killing spree.

6. I mean, fair.


The one bodily fluid I can not handle. The smell will make me immediately yack. Can’t do it.

I deal with urine and feces in my job on a daily basis. Doesn’t phase me one bit. Can’t be around vomit.

5.  Both are unpleasant.

Human trafficking.

To a less serious degree: traffic caused by humans.

4. Definitely skeevy.

Dipping tobacco. Carrying around a bottle of your own brown cloudy spit that smells like absolute death just skeeves me out on a level I can barely even describe.

Bonus points if you’re the douche bag who leaves the spit bottles or cups for other people to clean up.

3. We hates it.

Domestic abusers and anyone who willingly associates with them.

My sister had an ex boyfriend (We will call Mike), through whom she met her husband (we will call Les). Mike’s friends all knew what a danger Les was because they all knew about how Les abused his ex girlfriend so badly that she will be on meds for the rest of her life.

My parents and I begged my sister to leave Les. She refused. Sat there with a black eye that he gave her and said that he was a good man. When I got the chance to give Les the beating that he deserved, after arriving at their place and seeing fresh injuries on my sister, my sister grabbed a broom and beat me with it, telling me to leave her husband alone. I got the cops involved and my sister defended her husband and said that am just a bully. I told her that when he finally puts her into the hospital, don’t expect sympathy from me.

It finally happened. He went to jail, she got reconstructive surgery. He did not go to prison because he had no priors.

She is back talking to Mike. She talks to Mike all day long every day. Mike can do no wrong. Mike is married and his wife hates my sister believing that she has intentions on ruining their marriage (and I don’t think she is incorrect when she tells our mom things like: “In a perfect world, Mike and I would live together”).

I have mentioned “Mike and his friends all knew that Les was a dangerous, woman beating prick, and they were all still friends and Mike even sat back and said nothing as you dated him.

In a perfect world, Mike would share in the responsibility of the bearings you received and you would be smart enough to realize that Mike was never your friend.”

2. We all have that one dish of mom’s.

The smell of this asparagus casserole my mother sometimes makes. It actually makes me physically gag and I got in trouble SO MANY TIMES as a kid because she thought I was just being a rude little s**t.

More seriously, s*xual predators of all descriptions.

Utterly vile.

1. Horrible texture alert.

When bread gets soaked, usually when I’m washing leftovers off of plates, and it gets all spongey.

Yeah, I’m not going to argue with any of these.

I could add a few more things to the list but I think we’ve all been sufficiently grossed out for one day.

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