Jan 10, 2023

A Customer Wore a Red Hoodie to Target…and Everyone Thought He Worked There

Here’s a life for you, free of charge: if you plan on going to Target to do some shopping, do not, I repeat DO NOT, wear a red shirt or a red hoodie…

Because you might end up in a situation like the fella you’re about to meet.

His name is Sylas and he does not work at Target…but that didn’t stop him from answering questions from customers.

Take a look…

Check out this funny video.

@sullivanfamilytiktok If you’re going to Target… think it through. #sullivanfamilytiktok #target #targetred #introvert @target ♬ original sound – Allison and Sylas

Folks who saw the video weighed in.

One said,

“I wore blue to Walmart once and literally had 3 people approach me for help.”

Another viewer commented,

“This happened to my friend. She told them she didn’t work for target and the woman followed her and was angry, she kept insisting that she worked there.”

And one added,

“I swear I just have an ‘I work here’ face. People have walked up to me and started asking questions while I was wearing the uniform for a different store.”

One TikTokker said,

“Someone asked me where something was and I told her I didn’t work there and she threatened to ‘tell my manager'”.

Others praised Sylas’ performance.

One said,

“Did he know the aisle number, or did he he just point in the general direction? Either way, nicely handled for an introvert!.”

And another person commented,

“He’s a better person than me. I would’ve said ‘I don’t work here’ & kept it moving.”

Remember: don’t wear red at Target!

Get it? Got it? Good!

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