March 28, 2023 at 11:11 pm

An Employer Caught a Job Applicant Using ChatGPT to Write a Cover Letter

by Matthew Gilligan

It’s an indisputable fact: cover letters are no fun, they take forever, and writing them can drive a person insane.

And there are shortcuts out there that people can use if they choose…but there’s always the potential of getting caught…

And a woman named Mandy came across a cover letter for a job she posted that looked promising…until she realized the person who submitted it used ChatGPT.

Check out what Mandy had to say about this.

@careercoachmandy he really said copy paste #chatgpt #coverletter #jobsearch ♬ original sound – Career Coach Mandy

People on TikTok had thoughts to share…

One person said,

“Hire them because they are resourceful and don’t waste their f**king time on stupid s**t like a cover letter.”

Another added,

“As long as they are speaking the truth on the things they have done which makes them a [quality] candidate, why not ChatGPT?”

And another person commented,

“Who cares? Do you think people have the time to write you narcissists a cover letter each time? Get a clue, find a grip.”

But one person cautioned against this method and said,

“ChatGPT adds so many random things to the point of being big lies you will get caught in. It’s great for a template but gotta edit and customize.”

Mandy added a follow-up video where she explained more about the situation.

@careercoachmandy Replying to @ocynvdm ♬ original sound – Career Coach Mandy

And then Mandy posted another video where she said people shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes on a cover letter and that there are good cover letter templates people can use.

@careercoachmandy Replying to @sunshineandvalentines ♬ original sound – Career Coach Mandy

One person said about Mandy’s videos,

“As a former hiring & talent ops manager I rarely read cover letters. 99% are way too long.”

Another added,

“12+ years in HR…we don’t read cover letters.”

And one TikTokker said,

“If someone asks for a cover letter I just don’t apply. They’re ridiculous for people who don’t even read my resume.”

Good luck out there on the job hunt, folks!

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