April 3, 2023 at 6:36 am

A Large Four-Day Workweek Trial Has Been Declared A Huge Success

by Trisha Leigh

You’ve probably heard about school districts that are moving to four-day school weeks, but did you realize there are studies out there trying to see whether or not the model might be beneficial for companies and workers, too?

Well there are – and honestly, it seems like it’s going to be the best thing for everyone.

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The trial was done in the UK, and found compelling evidence in favor of the practice.

First, working four days a week for the same pay improved health and stress levels for employees. Second, companies were not impacted negatively as far as finances – in fact, it was often the opposite – leading 92% companies involved in the study to say they would like to continue the practice.

Bernie Sanders is one of the senators championing the idea in the States.

“With exploding technology and increased worker productivity, it’s time to move toward a four-day work week with no loss of pay. Workers must benefit from technology, not just corporate CEOs.”

According to David Frayne, a research associate at Cambridge who was involved in the trial, there really aren’t many downsides.

“We feel really encouraged by the results, which showed the many ways companies were turning the four-day week from a dream into a realistic policy, with multiple benefits. We think there is a lot here that ought to motivate other companies and industries to give it a try.”

As far as the workers involved in the trial, 71% said they felt less burned out, while 39% reported feeling less stressed. 48% claimed they were more satisfied with their job.

All of them say an improvement in work-life balance and felt more able to care for responsibilities at home. They were also able to get more sleep and to pay more attention to their mental health, as well.

Companies reported they lost fewer employees during the trial period as well.

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Making the shift across the board is unlikely, since industries like healthcare, for instance, need to have staffing available pretty much 24/7.

To even encourage every business who can make the switch to do it would require a fundamental shift in how particularly America views employment, so who knows whether or not this will come to pas any time soon.

I think we would all be happier if it would, though.

What about you? Would you be up for a 4-day work week? Tell us in the comments why or why not!

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