April 27, 2023 at 12:19 pm

These Industry Experts Are Spilling The Secrets They’re Supposed To Keep

by Trisha Leigh

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but the truth is, there are certain jobs and certain industries that just leave people wanting to know what life is like behind the curtain.

Luckily for you, these experts have the insider knowledge – and better yet, they’re willing to spill all of the tea!

They might be unhinged.

Some therapists/counselors are on the wrong side of the couch, so to speak.

If you feel your mental health provider is unhinged, they may very well be.

Kind of a no-brainer.

I design slot machines for casinos… don’t play slots.

Your head pressures are gonna love you.

Change your dirty furnace filters and clean your ac coils outside.. these make up an easy 30% of my calls for no heat/cooling.

So real quick you have two coils, inside and outside. Your furnace filter keeps the inside one clean so make sure that filter is clean!!

Outside coil- kill power to the unit, removed the coil guard and top (usually 5/16 or 1/4 nut driver and like 20 screws). Don’t use high pressure water simply on a shower setting and hold it a few inches away from the coil. Do from both ways. Button that beauty up and wait for it to dry before turning power back on.

Your head pressures are gonna love you.

Listen to this person.

I’m a server. No matter how much we insist it’s “okay” that you are keeping the entire restaurant open after we’ve closed, please know we are 100% lying.

We will get fired if we deviate from anything other than pure delight that you are keeping us from going home. We dread it. Please don’t believe us.

You can still feel good about yourself if you want.

At goodwill 50% of what you donate ends up in the trash bc we don’t have the space for it or we just deem it too ugly

Our local thrift store has a semi-trailer sized dumpster behind it. They fill it every couple of weeks because most of the crap people donate was garbage to start with they just didn’t have anywhere else to dump it so they donated it.

A happy truth.

Managed boarding and grooming kennels for 8 years: the secret is that the employees actually do love your pets too. Even the difficult ones, most of us realize they just miss their people.

The number of times I’ve weeped when a pet died, or spent way too many hours comforting a dog with separation anxiety, or spent hours off the clock with a boarder who needed to be rushed to a vet office…wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Some pets just suck though, not gonna lie.

Few and far between.

All im saying is there is a reason no one who works in the RV industry owns an RV.

I work in in Elkhart, Indiana which is the RV capitol of the world. As other people have quality is s*%t on all the major companies. The big ones being Thor, Forest River, and Grand Design. These three companies own probably 90% of all rv companies so check who owns what you are buying.

There are some mom and pop shops that do put out good products but those are pretty few and far between.

Every last time.

I’m an attorney. The secret is shut the f**k up.

Pad the due date.

As a Software Engineer, double your delivery date for a product in anticipation of an over eager Project Manager trying to get promoted.

Just go based off looks.

I used to work in jewelry. Most of the prettiest gemstones are also very affordable.

Tanzanite is a beautiful purple and looks nicer than amethyst.

Topaz comes in lots of colors, including a pretty blue color which can be as nice as aquamarine.

Opals aren’t as brightly rainbow hued as they look in pictures.

If you love your pets…

Former aircraft fueler. Don’t check your pets in kennels. Especially in summer or winter. They are submitted to some very harsh environments, left on belt loaders in the sweltering heat right next to a running APU that’s loud enough to deafen human ears, let alone a dog’s. It’s terrible. I always feel so sorry for them.

American Airlines will destroy your luggage. They get overloaded on carts, fall off on the way to the plane, and are left there to get run over by tankers and yes, fuelers, and rained on, then dragged to the edge of the ramp to sit all night while you arrive at your destination and wonder where the hell your bags are.

If your departure is delayed, 90% of the time it’s us (the fueler). Look out the window to the right side if it’s a small plane, left side if it’s a really big plane. If there’s a truck sitting under the wing, we’re the reason you’re late. Sorry.

Finally, some direction!

Almost every hairstylist gets the heebie jeebies when we shampoo your hair and you just stare up at us. CLOSE. YOUR. D**N. EYES at the shampoo bowl!

I’d imagine dentists and dental hygienists would say the same thing. I close my eyes through most of it but when I do open them periodically it’s highly awkward to see their eyes staring back into mine from a few inches away.

Well that’s awful.

If you’re someone who purchases bulk nuts, grains, etc. Just know that those bins are probably rarely cleaned, and even when they are “cleaned”, odds are they were just rinsed out/wiped down to look clean.

I used to be a bulk buyer at Whole Foods Market and when I took over our bulk department had no cleaning logs or sanitizing procedure. The bins had moths/insect colonies and mold in them. Our store was opened nearly 5 years prior.

Do not be deterred.

Used to screen resumes for small companies. Job “requirements” are more of a wishlist situation.

Never let some unchecked boxes deter you from applying – you have no idea what the applicant pool is like.

The biggest boon, especially at small companies, is someone who legitimately cares.

Some very good advice.

Worked at a department store photography studio owned by a major photography company that you can imagine probably took your school yearbook photos. The company also is partnered with a popular online photo order website.

Notice how quickly we write down a price, strike it out, and write a new price as the deal? Yeah, that’s pretty much just the price that everyone gets. We aren’t doing the math that fast, we have it memorized because almost everyone that comes in has that 40% off coupon.

Don’t come in without a coupon, there is ALWAYS a coupon on the website. If you end up paying for sitting fees, it’s because you just didn’t go on our website.

Honestly, don’t buy our photos. If you just do the session and say that you’ll buy them online later (on said partnered photo order site), it’ll be cheaper than if you buy them in-store that day. (Yes, even when we say “oh but you won’t get THIS deal online!”).

If you do buy in-studio that day, just by the digital CD of your photos. You get to keep all of them instead of having to pick your favorite 3-4 pictures. Oh, and again, it is way cheaper to take that CD to a photo kiosk and have them printed yourself. Please don’t spend $400 on a couple photos that you can’t legally copy when you could have gotten an $80 CD of ALL the photos and have the copyright to them.

It’s the butter.

There is way more butter than you think in almost every dish you eat at fancy restaurants, and that is usually the reason you won’t see the amount of calories in each dish.

Source: 5 years as a chef in Italian cuisine head chef, 8 years in an Italian kitchen

A bit startling.

Not an industry I work in per se, but I used to be in a sales role. One of my customers was a milk bottling plant. I was somewhat surprised that they were putting the exact same milk in both organic and non-organic cartons.

Turns out all of their milk is organic, but in order to not miss out on the sales of non-organic milk, they just bottle them differently and sell them at different prices.

I knew it!

Former bath and body works associate here.

The scents they “discontinue” will come back with a different name and new marketing.

They’re just recycling the scents.

I thought more of these would surprise me, honestly.

Then again, maybe I’m just jaded by nature. Ha!

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