May 3, 2023 at 3:44 am

A Woman Says She Quit Her Job After Getting a 13-Cent Raise

by Matthew Gilligan

Inflation is no joke these days and a lot of folks are struggling to keep up with bills and everyday expenses.

So it’s only natural that workers are expecting a little more change in their pockets from their employers.

And I think we can all sympathize with a woman who decided to tell her bosses to shove it after she was offered a raise that she considered to be offensive.

The amount of the raise?

A measly 13 cents…

Check out her TikTok video about her situation. It was an inflation raise that totaled about $20/month 💀 #fyp #corporateamerica #foryoupage #naplesflorida #naplesfl #costofliving #inflation #corporatetiktok #realestate ♬ Speak Now – Taylor Swift

Take a look at how folks reacted to the video on TikTok.

One viewer said,

“YESS. I got a 24% raise this year. If they want to and they care, THEY WILL.”

Another person added,

“Fun fact: if you don’t get a raise that covers the inflation rate plus a decent increase on top. you’re actually getting a pay cut.”

One TikTokker shared their own experience and said,

“I once told a company to keep the 5 cent raise — and they did! I quit a month later!”

And one viewer commented,

“I had a job offer me a penny. I left the very next day.”

Good luck out there on the job market, my friends!

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