May 23, 2023

If Someone Insults Your Looks, Give These Comebacks A Try

It’s always somewhat of a surprise when someone insults you to your face. The moment can set you on your heels, and no matter how confident you are, someone making negative comments about your looks is never a good day.

On the off chance it might happen to you, prepare yourself with these witty replies.

With all the disdain.

“Thank god, i’m not trying to attract you anyway”

If they’re trashing how you dress/look. “You think i’m trying to come here to look good for YOU?” Emphasize on the YOU

We can all see.

I see why you’re projecting.

Takes one to know one.

Tell them ‘ugly recognizes their own kind.’

The whole vibe.

It’s not just about some snappy one liner. You kind of have to have the whole vibe to match it. Some cocky dimwitted prick who says something snarky, can make you look like a complete idiot – no matter how cerebral your response.

I don’t consider myself to be particularly clever. But one time, some dude made a petty comment to me, in front of his family.

So I took a step closer to him, made eye contact, smirked, and said, “That’s it? I’ve gotten worse insults from better men than you”. Not exactly devastating, but for some reason, that dude’s brain went into instant reboot.

He just stood there like a dumbs*%t, grasping for something to say. I’m sure he probably thought of something on the car ride home, though.

And raise your eyebrow.

Atleast my ugliness is only skin deep

Across the board.

“Meh. I’ve been called worse by better.” is typically my response to most insults.

They will say no more.

Look them straight in the eyes and menacingly say, “Not only that… I’m a bad, bad person…”

This might be my favorite.

“And I still wouldn’t f**k you.”

She did, too.

My mom raised me not to pick on the mentally challenged so have a good day.

Pick your poison.

“Could you repeat that? Loudly?”

Either they’re stupid enough to respond or just shut up.

No one wants to hear that.

“your breath smells”…. works everytime

Your point?



“You shut your mouth when you speak to me”

Seems unlikely.

Voy a poner tu opinión en una cuenta de ahorros para ver si me genera algún tipo de interés.

Translation: “I’m going to put your opinion in a savings account to see if it generates some kind of interest for me.”

Some of these are more clever than others.

That said, something is almost always better than nothing.

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