May 20, 2023 at 9:34 pm

People Share the Craziest Dreams They’ve Ever Had

by Matthew Gilligan

I don’t know what’s going on in my brain lately, but I’ve been having some super weird and intense dreams.

Dreams that I think about long into the next day and sometimes even longer.

It’s pretty creepy!

What’s the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

Here’s what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

Always the same.

“I used to have a recurring dream.

It would start with me being alone in a house in the kitchen. I walked into a big room and closed the door behind me, it was dark. The room was empty, except for one of those wind-up jack-in-the-box things on the other side of the room, and it would start to wind down and play some kind of creepy clown music.

I knew I couldn’t just back out of the room, the door was now locked. But, there was a door on the other side by the jack-in-the-box. I also knew I had to get out before it went off. So, I ran for the door on the other side of the room.

I made it before the jack-in-the-box went off. Beyond the door was a hallway. There’s a door that goes to the bathroom, and the hallway continues to wrap around the corner. I know something bad is coming from around the corner, so I hide in the bathroom.

The door is closed, but I still see these child sized mechanical toy things march down the hall and towards the dark room. Once they pass, I know it’s safe to leave. I go back down the hall, through the dark room which is no longer a danger, I know the door is unlocked now, and I go back to the kitchen.

Then a group of friends comes in from outside, they were done roasting marshmallows over a camp fire, I feel safe again, and the dream ends. This dream always happened exactly the same way, feelings and all.

It was like I kept having it for the first time, only upon waking up did I realize I’d had it again, and I always woke up after the dream ended, as far as I know.”

Different lives.

“I slept for 5 hours and dreamed I was falling through different lives where I was rich, then a Vietnam vet which was violent, and than a garbage man.

I was happiest as the garbage man cuz I’d keep getting high fives.”


“I once dreamed I had to k**l a dinosaur by cutting off the top of its skull and pour boiling gasoline onto its brain.

Also, it was a cartoon dinosaur that looked like a giraffe. I remember that if I failed in ki**ing this dinosaur, something really bad was going to happen, so it was super important.”

Back to work.

“I used to work for Coca-Cola years ago. I absolutely h**ed it, terrible bosses, barely mediocre pay..etc. I quit there almost 20 years ago and have been with the same company since I left.

Well a few years ago I had a dream that I quit the company I am at and went back to work for Coke. I was miserable, same old c**p as before.

The dream was so real, that when I woke I laid in bed and was convinced I had went back to work for Coke. I was legitimately depressed and sad for about 20 minutes until I realized it was just a dream.”

The reunion.

“Last night I dreamt I was reuniting with all my old buddies and teachers from back when I was training at wrestling college to become a professional wrestler.

We reminisced about all the old rivalries, the pranks, I went back around the old campus grounds exploring and catching up with the faculty… so many stories.

Only of course in the waking world I have never had anything to do with wrestling, and have zero interest in the sport, but my brain was capable of weaving this incredibly detailed tapestry of places and characters. I woke up and feel sad that it was all just bulls**t.”

On the farm.

“In this dream I was suddenly on my grandparents’ farm and I could tell I was about 10-20 years older then I am right now.

The sky was burning an angry red orange mix and the sun was burning so bright that I felt like my skin was on fire.

I saw dozens of people running around, screaming- trying to find loved ones and just general panic. I realized that everyone was panicking bc we were all being burned alive by the sun.

I was wandering around, feeling like I was looking for someone I loved but I didn’t know who that was. A random man was running and he stabbed me in the gut. He was crying and just stammering that he didn’t know what to do, what should any of us do?

I woke up then with my eyes literally hurting and I felt like my gut was on fire. Took weeks if not months to not still feel that when I thought about it.”

In school again.

“I dreamed that I was back in college, weeks away from graduating, only to suddenly get an email from a professor, whom I never met saying that I had missed every single day of a class that I never knew I was enrolled in.

I was in a blind panic trying to figure out what I had missed, and what I needed to do to pass, only to wake up, and eventually realize that I am already graduated and have a job.”


“One early morning I woke up from a nightmare and went out to the kitchen to get some coffee.

My dad was also in there – about an hour earlier than he was usually up. I told him about this dream I had where I saw this giant scorpion crawling on the ceiling of an all white room above me and I couldn’t move until the scorpion started falling on my face when I woke up.

He says “was it brown and really hairy?”.

I was like “uh, yeah. How did you know?”.

And he’s like “I just had the exact same dream”.

To this day, neither one of us can explain it.

We had a number of other weird coincidences happen when I was a toddler too, but that one was a special brand of weird.”


“I had a dream last night that I was at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and Anthony Kiedis went into the crowd and just started humping people while singing.

He humped these two guys from behind and they just decked him. He got KO’d and they had to cancel the rest of the show”

Didn’t make it.

“My house was suddenly full of water, and all the townsfolk decided to stand on our roof and defecate onto what was essentially a giant toilet.

I was swimming toward the surface in a panic, dodging turds that were sinking all around me. Between depleting oxygen and poop all around, I don’t think I made it.”

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