June 27, 2023 at 4:33 pm

The Paint Color Disney Doesn’t Ever Want You To See

by Trisha Leigh

Go Away Green The Paint Color Disney Doesnt Ever Want You To See

If you know anything about Disney, then you’re already aware that nothing in the parks (or anywhere else they’re in charge) is done by accident.

There’s a reason for every single choice – and that includes the decision to paint something “Go Away Green.”


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“It’s a grayish green that is designed to blend into its surroundings. The goal of this color is to cause objects to fade into your color spectrum so that your eye misses it completely.”

Screen Shot 2023 06 21 at 1.18.05 PM The Paint Color Disney Doesnt Ever Want You To See

Image Credit: Instagram

Disney uses the color to paint things like fencing, fire hydrants, trash bins, pipes, and the “business” buildings that are necessary but not for guests.

Some people do notice, though, and are posting their observations to TikTok.

“I just saw that they’re painting the border over here from the walkway of the Grand Floridian – and there was legit, straight-up Go Away Green in a paint can. I’ve never seen the actual paint-paint.”


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♬ Painting the Roses Red (from “Alice in Wonderland”) – Quick 4/4 – Guy Dearden

Disney does use other colors to blend unseemly items or buildings into their surroundings. Some are meant to blend in with the sky, skyline, dirt, or foliage as well, according to the popular Disney blog Inside the Magic.

You can grab similar shades from top brands, if you have something you’d like to paint to “go away.”

Screen Shot 2023 06 21 at 1.19.19 PM The Paint Color Disney Doesnt Ever Want You To See

Image Credit: Instagram

Here are the exact shades, btw…

Sherwin-Williams: Evergreen Fog (SW 9130), Escape Gray (SW 6185), Dried Thyme (SW 6186)

Benjamin Moore: Southfield Green (HC-129), Weeping Willow (629), Winchester Sage (628).

Valspar: Plaza Green (5007-6B), Ginko Tree (5006-4B), Meadowgrass (5007-6A)

Behr: Shallot Bulb (PPU11-02), Cliffside Park (S390-6), Laurel Tree (S390-5).

Kelly-Moore: Jasper Park (KM5072), Garden Hedge (KM4826), Back Woods (KM5107)

The next time you visit a Disney park, you’ll have to see whether or not you remember to notice the “go away” spots at all!