July 16, 2023 at 6:47 am

What’s the Most Unsettling Data That Google Had Stored About You? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARGoogleData What’s the Most Unsettling Data That Google Had Stored About You? Here’s What People Said.

Have you ever checked out the data that Google has stored about you?

I personally have not, but I’ve heard some pretty weird stories about folks who have…

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about the unsettling data that Google stored about them.

Take a look!

Now you know.

“I got d**nk once and proceeded to get lost on the way home, ending up cycling on some highway.

For two years I wondered where the hell I had been until I saw Google’s location history for that night.”


“If you use Google Photos and allow Maps to track your location:

I took photos that I didn’t like, deleted them. Weeks later I am just browsing my timeline in Google Maps and those deleted photos are there, tagged to the location.

Nothing incriminating, just thought you should know that a delete isn’t a delete.”

Way off the mark.

“Apparently I sleepwalk thousands of kilometers and then manage to get back home in time for work.

Also a bunch of recordings of my computer’s fan spinning. But well, at least they got me on the fetish p**n searches.

Ah, Google. Hyped up Google. Incompetent Google. I know my data is in good hands.”

That’s weird.

“I found out that Google can tell when I’m driving a car vs my motorcycle by using the gyroscopes in my phone.”

Kind of scary.

“There is a map of everywhere I went in the last couple of years that’s accurate to the hour.”


“Just listened to a load of voice clips of me talking into my voice-to-text thing on my phone keyboard while driving 4 years ago.

Me talking like an idiot – speaking really slowly so the words could be heard distinctly.



“The most unsettling one I’ve had came from Facebook, not Google.

Minor bit of background – I’m a straight guy with a lot of LGBT friends and was actively involved in supporting the Australian same-s** marriage campaign, so FB probably had me flagged as gay at the start of 2012.

In 2012 I started dating someone. We’d been friends for some time. I’m on Facebook all the time, she had an account but almost never used it.

We basically never communicated on Facebook.

Immediately Facebook started telling me to mark her as a ‘close friend’ and all of its ads changed from “Gay Singles Cruise” and similar to “Romantic Getaways for Couples”.

I can only assume that it was able to tell from GPS that she spent a night at my place, and that I spent one at hers a few days later.”

How’d that happen?

“My purchase history on websites like eBay, Amazon and other companies that (I guess) all sell their data about me to Google.

I had no idea of it and although I share things like my location to Google, seeing my purchases is kind of scary because I never allowed it.”

Lay off the sauce.

“So many dr**ken audios.

Like, not even meant for the phone, just background talking while (most of the times) very d**nk, it was half unsettling half fun to listen to them.

Apparently when you press the microphone on the keyboard (I think it’s for changing audio to text) it gets sent to Google. And apparently my dr**ken a** is very prone to misclick it.”

Sounds like a horror movie.

“Google recorded me saying “I’ll take you home” and then my friend replying “you can live with me in my bathtub”.”

They’re watching us right now.

I know it.