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Racetrack Said The Deal They’d Made With Her Grandfather Had Expired, So Her Mother Made Sure They Struck A New One In Her Favor

by Trisha Leigh

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The funny thing about deals is that two people have to shake hands to make them happen.

People sometimes forget about what they were getting when they decide they no longer want to give something up.

This person’s grandfather owned land near a racetrack.

My grandad used to own a pice of land next to a horse racetrack .

Their land almost surrounded my grandad’s except for him having access to a heavily trafficked public road.

The racetrack was laid out in such a way that their exercise track was placed north om my grandads land while the main track with a stadium was placed to the south.

He had a deal that they could use the maintenance road through his property and he got free tickets.

Way back when the racetrack was built they had asked my grandad if they could transport their horses across his land.

There was already a maintenance road in place and as they only moved their horses he didn’t really mind as they also supported the local village.

As a small thank you for this they allowed him and his guest to watch the races for free, normally it cost around 5 usd in our local currency.

Not that much, but it allowed him to take me and all my cousins to watch the horsies for free.

After he passed, the racetrack informed her mother the deal was off.

Anyhow, fast forward a couple of years and my grandad passed away.

My mother, who inherited the land tried to bring her grandchild (my niece) to the racetrack to see the horses just as my grandad used to to.

At the counter she is told that she has to pay for admission; not really that big of a deal as she thought that they didn’t know that she now owned the land.

Afterwards however when she writes to the trac to rectify the situation they tell her that she won’t be admission free as it was a one time deal they had struck with my grandad that now was off.

So, she revoked their access to the road.

Enter the petty revenge.

A few months later when we had planned to cut down some of the trees for lumber my mother told the contractors to “accidentally” leave one or two logs across the maintenance road.

The racetrack, now having to load their horses on trollies as they had to use the busy public road instead of our maintenance one.

Almost immediately sent an email to my mother apologising and offering her that same deal as my grandad had received, if we would remove the logs.

She only informed them that the one time deal they had struck with my grandad was off.

In the end, the new deal definitely worked in her favor.

In the end after some wrangling we ennded up with a deal where they now have to pay my mother around 400 usd every month in addition to her and her guests having free admission.

TL;DR Racetrack refuses my mother the same deal as they had with my grandad. She refuses them the right to access her road.

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A hard-learned lesson.

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Silly is one word for it.

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Nobody likes a bully.

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Seriously, what did they think would happen?

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This woman is a hero.

You’ve gotta know your worth, I always say.

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