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Mechanic Totals Man’s Car, So Shady Dealer Says He Can Pick Any Car From The Lot. So The Owner Gets Revenge And Picks His Wife’s Personal Vehicle.

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Dropping your car off with the mechanic is always nerve wracking.

Odds are they’re going to tell you that everything is fine, and all you really needed was a change of oil or a tweak to your engine.

But there’s always that voice in the back of your mind that says you’ve been secretly driving your car all wrong and have inexplicably destroyed its engine and transmission.

And while I always thought that was my biggest nightmare scenario with a mechanic, this user’s story proved me dead wrong!

When the mechanic accidentally totaled their car, not only did the dealership try and scam them into using their own insurance, they tried to go back on the deal they had made to get OP a new car!

Check it out!

Any Car?

Back in mid 90s at age 19 I bought a little used car from a used car dealership. No car they sold was overly expensive. Nothing under 3 years old.

The car I bought had an outstanding recall so the used car dealer was taking it to Ford for me. So after driving it for a week I drop it off to the dealer to take to a Ford shop.

Dropped it off and was given a loaner. Get a phone call later that mechanic was in accident and car damaged bad. He was ok.

Things got a little less cut and dry when it came to who was responsible…

There was ultimately a dispute on who was responsible for causing accident. Car was not repairable nor would I want it after repairs.

The person who called was asking me about insurance coverage. I straight away said that it’s on them, my insurance company also got involved too as other driver made a claim.

The dealer also tried to say my insurance would cover me a loaner vehicle.

You had to be 25 to rent from Enterprise I was 19 nor should I put that on my insurance. Nope i said I’m keeping the loaner they provided me originally till it’s worked out.

So the dealer SAID he could have any car on the lot, and OP chose the loaner vehicle they had already provided him.

Two weeks later the owner, agreed to replace car and cover damages keeping my insurance out of it.

Maybe the fact I knew and worked for a lawyer friend had something to do with his decision and a nice letter my lawyer friend sent.

The owner said come pick any car you want off the lot. Great I’ll take the loaner vehicle it’s was nice and drove great.

But apparently, that car was the only one off limits!

Owner says “Uh well that’s my wife’s fully loaded car she likes to drive , we were figuring something similar to your previous car.”

My lawyer friend immediately who came with me ensure no nonsense occurred says you just contracted verbally he could have any car on the lot.

The loaner is on your lot, dealer tagged and is on your books as a vehicle for sale and given how this issue was handled…

(Dealers would get cars in and drive them on dealer tags for personal use. The owners wife was doing that with the loaner they gave me thinking originally I’d only have it for a day.)

And its lucky OP’s lawyer friend came with him, because he ended up leaving with the exact car he wanted!

 Needless to say the loaner vehicle was signed over to me.

Left with a $7500 fully loaded car vs my $4500 destroyed car and a signed agreement they were financially responsible.

He did say any car!!!!!

What I want to know is how was the car in an accident at the dealership? Maybe one of the employees was taking it for a little personal use of his own!

Reddit loved seeing OP stick it to the dealer that tried to screw him over.

This user said they were only trying to use OP’s insurance to avoid the blame!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user was dealing with their own shay insurance dealings with their own dealership… come on Lexus!!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, for all of us who suspected shady dealings on the dealer’s part, this commenter assured us that test drives were a perfectly standard part of the process.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Is that really a thing? Dealership employees just get to drive whatever car from the lot that they want?

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