August 6, 2023 at 6:13 am

‘Anyone driving faster than me is a maniac.’ People Get Real About the Things Everyone Does but Won’t Admit To

by Justin Gardner

Everyone Does Wont Admit AR Anyone driving faster than me is a maniac. People Get Real About the Things Everyone Does but Won’t Admit To

I want to ask you a question and I want you to be brutally honest with me…

What do you think EVERYONE does, but they won’t admit to it?

Go ahead, take your time…

Okay, now that you have YOUR answer figured out, let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

Start now!

Talkin’ s**t.

“Talking behind people’s backs.

“Always speak about someone as if they were standing next to you and listening to what you were saying about them”

One of the best pieces of advice in life that I learned too late.”

Don’t forget.

“Remembering compliments people gave us.

This old lady once told me I had straight pretty teeth and when I was like 11 and I’ve been riding that high for like 20 years.”

I wonder…

“Wonder if people that have since long disappeared from your life (or you’ve only met once or twice) still think about you from time to time.”

Singin’ fool.

“Tried to sing, like, really good.

When I’m alone, I be hitting those high notes even though I sound like a d**ng walrus.”

Keep it private.

“Picking your nose.

Although I still feel like it’s best to do it in private.

I once saw a waitress pick her nose while she was bringing out my plate of food with the other hand— I know we’re all human and it just needs to be done sometimes, but I would much rather not have seen that.”

Out of the way!

“Judging people for being bad drivers but doing the same thing.

“Anyone driving faster than me is a maniac, anyone driving slower than me is a moron.”

A good saying to keep in mind in all aspects of life really.”

Let’s take a look.

“Looking at their own poop.

Your doctor will tell you that’s actually a good habit to get into because it can alert you of any GI problems you might have.”

Fantasy life.

“I daydream way too much.

Like, live in a separate world with rules and multiple languages and cultures and so on.

It’s honestly problematic sometimes and I feel like it has made my anxiety much worse.

Always been this way since I was a kid.”


“Doctor Masters who did famous Study on S**, back in the sixties, said in an interview, that 95% of people admit that they mas**rbate.

The doctor was then asked by the interviewer, what does this tell you, And the doctor replied 5% of people are liars.”

Kind of impossible not to.

“Have biased opinions.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave with no outside communication, your opinions are skewed.”

There’s no escape…

“Fart in their sleep.

I’m a chronic late-sleeper and I can confirm that every roommate, every sleepover attendee, every family remember I’ve ever known has farted at some point in their sleep.”

Sorry, can’t make it tonight.

“I bet everyone, from time to time, lies about being “busy” on weekends just to stay at home doing absolutely nothing.”

Just imagine…

“Even if you hate rich people, even if you loudly say buying lottery tickets is a waste of money, even if you’re the most d**-hard communist… you still fantasize about winning the lottery.”

Gotta admit… we’re all very critical drivers, right?