May 18, 2024 at 10:34 am

Woman Was A Victim Of Medical Fraud, But Her Dental Insurance Company Is Still Making Her Pay

by Matthew Gilligan

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This is the kind of story that makes people dislike insurance companies more than they already do.

A woman named Alberta shared a video talking about what happened after she tried to file a complaint that she was the victim of dental insurance fraud.

She explained, “My insurance company says I have to pay for a fake dental procedure that happened to me via Zoom. I do not see a Zoom dentist for my teeth, nor do I really know what it would be like to get a Zoom procedure.”

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Things got more complicated when she let her dental insurance company know what was going on.

Alberta went back and forth with her insurance company and she got a letter from them:

“Unfortunately, we’re not able to get in contact with the dentist to figure out whether the procedure did or did not happen, so we’re dropping your claim that this was fraud.”

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Alberta said, “I feel like we’re getting into philosophical territory here, but like, I cannot prove that something didn’t happen. If anything, the fact that they could not get in contact with the dentist office feels like it should prove that it is a fake company.”

She was flustered by a part of the letter from her insurance company telling her that she needs to get an estimate for work in the future.

“Well, unfortunately, I’ve never heard of this dentist before. We don’t correspond. We, in fact, cannot correspond because nobody picks up the phone there, as you know.”


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Take a look at what she had to say.

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And here’s how people reacted.

This person offered some advice.

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Another individual nailed it.

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And one TikTokker said she needs to appeal.

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That’s just CRAZY.

What’s going on here?!?!

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