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Her Late Mother Left Her The House, But Now Her Sister Wants It Even Though Her And Her Kids Trashed It And Stole From Their Mother

by Matthew Gilligan

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Family dynamics get pretty darn complicated when someone passes away and there’s money to be divvied out.

It’s sad, but that’s the way it works in a lot of cases.

And this woman wants to know if she’s out of line for how she’s treating her sister.

Let’s take a look!

AITA for not giving my sister our childhood house?

“I (30f) and my sister (33f) both lost our mom recently and before she passed away her and my mom fell out after my sister stole around $4,000 from my mom who was letting her and her kids stay rent free and wrecked the house.

And the sister’s situation just gets worse…

She was kicked out and she currently lives in a small apartment their relationship never really recovered.

When we got the will I got the house we used to live in as children.

This was a massive shock as everyone believed the house would go to my sister but it didn’t.

She still got enough money to cover at least 15 months of rent and supplies for her kids and I got the rest.

Here it comes…

After the will was read out she pulled me to one side and asked if she could stay in the house with her kids which I would happily do.

But when I said she can stay with me she said that I should move into her apartment and pay the rent and she should keep the house.

No way!

I said no because this house would help me because it’s closer to my work and it’s all paid for.

She just started calling me entitled and some other derogatory words which I will not repeat.

But after a while with family members saying I should give my sister the house so I’m double guessing myself.


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Sounds like one of these siblings needs to get their life together…

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