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She And Her Husband Are Getting A Divorce, So She Told Her Ex Mother-In-Law She Can’t Stay At Her House. Her Ex and His Mom Think She’s Causing Unnecessary Drama.

by Trisha Leigh

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In-laws are a trip, y’all, and it seems like the people who love theirs are few and far between.

This woman’s in-laws aren’t even her in-laws anymore, but they’re still causing trouble.

What gives?

Take a look at this story from Reddit and find out.

AITAH for saying my exMIL is not family?

I (34F) am in the process of divorcing my husband (33M).

We’re on good terms and still live together in my house (the house is in my name and was bought before marriage, which means my husband is not entitled to it according to my countries law).

He hasn’t moved out yet because of his financial issues (I’m ok with it). He just started a new job and hopes to move out in a month or 2.

There is no love lost between her and her mother-in-law.

My MIL is a nasty person and we never got along. She never liked me and made sure I didn’t feel welcome in the family.

Last month she called me on my birthday to tell me she’s glad she no longer has to buy me anything for my birthday because I’m no longer family (she had recently found out we’d be getting a divorce).

So, she didn’t see the need to allow her to stay overnight in her home.

Yesterday she called me (my ex was at work and didn’t pick up that’s why she called me not him) to inform she’d be coming over for 2 days next week because she will be having a medical procedure done in our city (the capital).

She does not drive so she can’t go home straight after the procedure, she was planning to spend the night and take a bus the next day.

I told her absolutely no, she’s no longer family, the house is mine and I don’t want random people I don’t even like in my house.

Her ex thinks she’s stirring the pot.

Neither she nor my ex can afford a hotel. He can’t drive her back because of his new work. I won’t because she’s no longer my problem.

My ex is very angry with me and told me I shouldn’t be taking out my frustrations on his mother. I’m not.

I just don’t want her here because I don’t like her and I don’t feel like I have to put up with this anymore.

We’re no longer a couple.


Does Reddit? Let’s find out!

The top comment says this is no longer her problem.

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The cool thing about being done…

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I mean, she said it herself.

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And this person sees some additional red flags.

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This is a hard pass.

If she had been kinder, maybe. But after the airing of grievances? Nope!

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