August 18, 2023 at 7:48 am

What’s the Most Messed-Up Thing You Saw a Friend Do? Here’s What People Said.

by Justin Gardner

Friend Did Horrible AR 1 What’s the Most Messed Up Thing You Saw a Friend Do? Here’s What People Said.

Now, this is gonna be interesting.

And maybe a little bit disturbing…

Because we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about the most messed-up things they ever saw a friend do.

Hang on tight and check out these stories.

That’s not okay.

“When I was a kid, I found a baby bat that seemed injured. So I made a home for it in an old coffee can to get better. I went inside to eat lunch.

After eating, I went to check on my new friend and it was nowhere to be found… Neither was my brother or neighbor(best friend at the time). I eventually found them on a trail by my house laughing hysterically…

They were laughing at the bat that they had just dismembered. Still think about that often and it’s been 21 years or so.”


“Throw McDonald’s fries and burger as hard as he could at a homeless lady asking for food.

I called him a piece of s**t and never spoke to him again.”


“He had me help model for one of his photoshoots that was set on top of a very tall building.

When he asked me to move to the edge, he kept talking about how cool it would be to capture someone’s d**th from a building in-real-time. At this point, I was getting somewhat nervous.

Then he gave me a little shove. I backed away and then almost slipped. His response, “See, that could have been so cool. You have mental health issues anyways, why don’t you just do it and you’ll be posthumously famous which will give your life meaning.”

Now keep in mind, this is paraphrased, since it’s been a long time ago, but that was the gist of it…and I’ve never forgotten how it made me feel.

After that, I started to gradually cut this person from my life out of fear that he would try to hurt me for the sake of “his art”. F**k that guy.”

What a creep.

“A guy I worked with was about to take his wife on a trip back to their hometown in another state.

They had a pair of delightful kittens and they asked me if I would watch them while they were gone. I had little experience with cats but these 2 were just wonderfully playful.

I gave him a call when he got back to arrange returning the kittens but he said they had picked up a non-cat friendly dog on the journey and he would just drop off the kittens in the woods.

Needless to say, I kept them and they were wonderful furry friends for me and eventually to my wife and kids. I still think what would have happened to them if I had not been in the right place at the right time.”


“A girl was falling down dr**k, totally out of it – no drink spiked, she had been doing a crazy amount of shots without knowing they were double shots.

This one friend of mine insisted on taking her home by himself. Me and three of other people in the group insisted more strongly to come along and help her home. The whole way back, he kept trying to assure us that he had things under control and didn’t need our help, and it became clearer and clearer he was planning on raping her.

We aggressively told him to knock it off, and got her home. First he tried to insist he should stay with her to “make sure she’s ok” which we vetoed, then we caught him trying to get her keys out of her purse so he could come back inside. When that happened, we’d had enough and things got rough.

We didn’t beat him up, but we very forcefully got him out of her student residence building. She was in bad shape, so we found a friend of hers from down the hall who agreed to come over and look after her – we were worried she might throw up in her sleep or something.

Later on that night he got caught pounding on her dorm room door by the same friend after he managed to sneak back into the building by following someone else when they came in.

The whole friend group split up over staying friends with him, but f**k that guy. She was literally passed out on her feet and totally incoherent.”


“Sta**ed a rival in the neck with a rusty pair of scissors during a fight that broke out on the street in front of a house party.

We no longer kicked it after that.

Miraculously the recipient of said sta**ing was “OK” after numerous stitches and tetanus shots.”


“Many years ago my friend was telling a mutual friend of ours his girlfriend was no good and cheating on him.

He proceeds to have s** with her on videotape, and invites him over his house to chill and ambushes him with said tape.

They were supposed to be pals.”


“I once saw an ex friend of mine kick her boyfriend so hard in his ribs that afterward he peed blood (he was lying on his back at the time).

His transgression? He asked her son not to eat all the chocolate pieces out of the communal trail mix they had.

He has since dumped her, now she’s homeless, addicted to drugs, in and out of jail, and even her family won’t have anything to do with her.”

An animal.

“On a night out, friend was sick, and decided the best place was into his pint glass.

After the deed was done, he proceeded to say “waste not want not”, downed the pint sick, lumps and all.

Still makes me queasy to think about it.


Lost a friend.

“Years ago I watched a friend sell some kid crushed up sleeping pills in place of c**aine. He had me drive him to town to meet this kid and sell him the stuff. Needless to say this kid’s sister called screaming and crying.

She was begging my friend to tell her what he gave her little brother. My friend laughed about it and was completely cold and showed zero empathy through the whole situation. Later found out the kid was perfectly fine. The sister was upset because he did a line in front of her and almost immediately passed out at the table.

She said he was asleep for a good 12 hours after one line. That one line was probably equivalent to 3-4 sleeping pills straight to the head. My friend did this to buy he**in which I had no idea he was doing. I lost a friend that night, I was better off for it with that and what I later learned about him.”

The lesson learned?

Be careful who you choose to spend your time with.