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Ex-Wife Claims There Really Is No Better Revenge Than Living Well. Or At Least Better Than Your Ex.

by Trisha Leigh

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No one goes into a marriage thinking that they will get divorced.

That said, no one gets married think that, in a few years, their partner will start treating them like a pile of dog poo that won’t come off their shoe, either.

This woman found out shortly into her marriage that she didn’t know who she married.

Okay so after we had kids my ex husband decided that all chores at home besides the garden were mine as I’m a woman and so doing housework and minding the kids should come naturally to me and be effortless.

He also told me that I didn’t have a real job.

I was working as a doctor becoming a specialist. He figured that was the same as being a student (wtf!).

He also told me that I didn’t really make any money.

Apparently the 40% of our income that I contributed was “nothing”.

He only got meaner after she had children.

He told me having kids had made me fat and ugly.

At the same time he wouldn’t look after the kids, so I could go and exercise and was himself happy to sit on the sofa eating chocolate and crisps (he didn’t exactly look like when we met either).

He would switch between being offended if I didn’t join him in eating and telling me to not eat crap.

So, she kicked him out.

He would tell me how lucky I was to have a man like him and how nobody else would ever want me and how I wouldn’t be able to manage without him.

I divorced him.

She lost the weight and kept standing up for herself in court.

We had to go to court as he refused to sell the house or buy my part of it from me.

He refused to pay child support.

My divorce lawyer (who only handles divorces) said that even though she was used to a lot, he was really something.

His lawyer ended up quitting as he refused to accept that the law was as it is and that NO he could keep all our mutual assets and not pay child support.

It took a while. And during that time I was pretty stretched financially.

So I couldn’t afford a car.

So I had to bike everywhere with my kids in a cargo bike. And so I dropped all of the baby weight.

She met a younger guy.

I started going out on dates.

I found out that even before I had dropped the baby weight plenty of men were happy to date me and they were actually handsome and successful men too.

A friend of mine asked to borrow my Tinder profile (she had never been single while Tinder existed).

She dared me to go on a date with a handsome 15 years younger man.

I did. He was really nice actually. We dated for nearly two years.

Did I mention he had a six pack?

And just wanted to make me happy. …

I found out that he was actually my neighbours son. And when we started dating his dad was still my ex husband’s neighbour (the lawsuit was still going on).

…he also had the same education as my ex husband and worked in the same profession (they didn’t know each other)…

She kept working and improving her kids’ quality of life.

Once the divorce was finalised and the house was sold I bought a flat.

And a sports car…

Did I mention that he ended up having to split everything 50/50 in the divorce and paying the regular amount of child support?

I had proposed a 40/60 split and for him to pay 2/3 of what is customary in child support in order to avoid a lawsuit. And told him that was less than what the law stated.

But he wouldn’t listen. So we had to follow the law.

…oh and since the divorce he’s gained all the weight that I lost.

I look just as I did before I had kids more than 10 years ago. He looks at least 20 years older.


He did meet someone new.

She’s very sweet and the kids love her (they actually prefer her to him). But to someone as shallow as him I am pretty sure that he doesn’t feel that he has upgraded.

He treats her even worse than he treated me the kids tell me. I feel sorry for her.

Last time I had her on her own I told her that if they ever split up, then I am fine with her continuing to be in my kids lives as she doesn’t have any kids of her own.

There is no way Reddit doesn’t love this one.

The top commenter says she definitely won.

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This person loves the way she’s building her family.

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And this commenter thinks this qualifies as pro revenge.

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The guy sounds unhinged in more ways than one.

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You’ve got to secretly love when they get what they deserve.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

This woman is a hero to many, I’m sure.

If you don’t treat yourself like a queen no one else will, either.

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