August 24, 2023 at 4:47 pm

Which Profession Has The Worst People In It? People Shared Their Thoughts.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARScrewedUpProfessoin Which Profession Has The Worst People In It? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Now, this is gonna be fun!

Because if there’s something that people really enjoy, it’s talkin’ trash about OTHER people and OTHER professions.

And you’re about to get an earful from AskReddit users who talked about which profession they think employs the most screwed-up people.

Let’s take a look!


“I was a busboy at 16 years old. The very first staff meeting I attended, management started off by telling us “NO MORE DOING COKE IN THE PARKING LOT!!! OUR GUESTS ARE NOT F**KING BLIND!!!”

I was literally a church going alter boy and was scared to work there but everyone was a high energy character and kinda looked out for me. There was a bunch of slamming, yelling, cursing, and fighting but nobody was malicious.”


“Prison Guards.

I worked with a couple in the military, weird vibes from all of them.

I think it has something to do with the weird power dynamic between them and hundreds of inmates.”

Big surprise.

“People who work at car dealerships.

4-5 years ago, my wife and I drove 2 hours to a dealership because she finally found the exact car she had been looking for online, and it was at this dealership.

We called right before we left the house to make sure the car was still at the dealership, since we had to drive 2 hours to go look at it. We obviously wanted to make sure it was there before we made the trip.

You already know what comes next… When we got there, the first guy we spoke to told us that the car had JUST NOW been sold, but he had some brand new models he’d love to show us.

I basically went off on him and told him I’d never do business with them after that. It was a slimy way to get us in the door. It’s hard telling how long that car had been sold. They just assumed we would buy something since we made the trip. Quite the opposite actually.”


“I’ve had two close friends in my life become life coaches.

Calling them ‘whack-a-doodle’ is close to the truth (they are) but imo there is more to it. They want to help people, but have no discerning skills outside of reading too much fad-fitness/self-help literature, and being charismatic.

Also, are both fairly wealthy but didn’t make the money themselves.

I think their heart is in the right place but the wealth, crunchy granola bars, and pseudo-intellectualism many from self help books melted their brains.”

Hard work.


High stress, odd hours, and in most of the country ridiculously low pay.

There’s a lot of phenomenal medics whose lives are an absolute mess.”


“The film industry.

Lots of egomaniacs and emotionally unavailable individuals. 10+ hour days with lots of unforeseen overtime back to back for weeks or months at a time. Then you end up unemployed for months at a time, gearing up for the next onslaught of work.

Either always travelling for the job in the middle of nowhere or stuck in a studio. We say “the shit runs downhill” so usually anyone in a higher position feels the need to belittle you.

Barely anyone likes to take accountability and will quickly pass on the blame if they can, again usually to someone down the chain. Fast paced, high pressure environments; crazy amounts of money riding on projects. Lots of substance a**se and affairs – wrap parties especially go crazy.

The city I’m from has a good film community so I’ve had a blast so far, but have definitely endured a**se from the occasional interstate folk and heard other crazy horror stories.”

Life on the road.

“I used to play in bands for about a decade and did a decent amount of touring.

Drug addiction is rampant, everyone sleeps till like 11 and works random a** odd jobs, nobody ever shows up on time. And it’s a giant a**-kissing fest.

Indie bands are incredibly annoying with how much they gas each other up to stay in good social circles. And then there’s always an allegation that someone was being a creep or something, and then everyone treats that person like a pariah and acts like they were never friends.”



It is quite a journey, but it changes personalities A LOT, and one day, you’ve become this cynical, rude person who is at high risk to ruin your personal life.

They have one of the highest s**cide rates, and yet, they work in multiple jobs, learn and study all their life (it is interesting, but they have to sacrifice a lot – including their family time, and it affects everybody).

Also, if you do something wrong, you’ll hear about it a lot, and quite rarely they’ll say thank you.”

Big money!

“Real estate agents.

My old roommate was a real estate agent.

She was a coke head, had a pattern of pursuing married men, talked crap about everyone around her, d**d behind the eyes, abusive, controlling, and the list goes on.

So glad that toxic women is no longer in my life.”



Think of all the smart dysfunctional weirdos from your high school. Now picture them 40-80 years old, refuse to retire, and they can’t be fired thanks to tenure.

It’s a nightmare.”

Yeah, all of these sound awful… except being in a band.

That’s cool. 😉